Friday, March 11, 2011

Radio show on male bashing

I will be on the Brian Wilson radio show at 4:30 Eastern today to talk about the prevalence of male bashing and "manning up."

You can listen to the show here (click on the "Listen" button at the bottom of the page). You can also call into the show at 866-321-1370.

Update: The show is up on a podcast here.

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PJTV: Ask Dr. Helen: Has the Rise of Women Turned Men Into Boys or Boys into Men?

I talk with Kay Hymowitz on PJTV about her new book Manning Up,why men are rational rather than immature, why men no longer get married as often, and why college guys have quit trying on dates.

You can watch the video here or click on the picture above.

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Are Dutch women happier? (Thanks to reader Kevin for emailing this article).

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"The guys show up for a date in a dirty t-shirt with a bag of condoms, they don't try."

A reader (thanks!) sent me this interesting video with a panel of female students from the University of Georgia talking to a reporter at MSNBC about college guys and their slacking. When the conversation turned to their personal lives, the women talked about how hard it was to find a high-level guy, how guys had the advantage and just didn't care and showed up for dates in a dirty t-shirt holding a bag of condoms while they were taking their time trying to dress up and look nice for the date.

The women were concerned that guys were let off the hook when it comes to the world of academia or work. The women were out there competing and working to "be the best," while the guys got all the women they wanted and sat back, happy to be at a community college or just working along side their dad.

What do they expect when the society has told them that women are stars and boys are duds for so long? Now, the men are "slackers" who have greater access to women. If in the past, men were using work and getting ahead to be attractive to women, it is no longer as necessary. Now that proving yourself through work is no longer as important for a man and he has access to more women, he can sit back, throw on a dirty t-shirt and grab a bag of condoms and head out for a date. Not a bad deal.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

"In pervasive female self-honesty begins the only hope of not training up more generations of jerks. "

I just read a post by Eric S. Raymond on his take on the PUA (Pick-Up Artist) and wanted to share it with my readers (thanks to Engineer Bob for sending this to me) because it is a brilliant analysis. Here is an excerpt:
The reason women need be paying attention to PUA goes much deeper than just notching up another escalation in the jerk-vs.-bitch arms race. It’s because until women stop lying to themselves about their actual behavior, they won’t have any prayer of becoming self-aware enough to change the sexual reward pattern they present to men. In pervasive female self-honesty begins the only hope of not training up more generations of jerks. And it’s there that the pitiless, revealing glare of the PUA spotlight might help....

Ladies, with having more power over sexual outcomes there comes more responsibility. And there’s this, too; just suppose the great mass of men stopped thinking with their dicks and 99% of them suddenly became sensitive New Age guys eager to commit. Until most women stopped being cruel to betas and rewarding men who behave like dominating jerks with sex, nothing….nothing would change. PUA game would still work. The tragedy to which it is a minimax response would still be in motion.

I don’t have any final answers either. But, gentle reader…if you’re a beta male and not a natural, learning some PUA game might sound icky but it would sure beat masturbating to porn for the rest of your life. And if you’re female, think hard about the last guy you slept with and the last guy you friend-zoned. Maybe you owe yourself a rethink and friend-zone guy an apology, of the kind best delivered naked.

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