Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where the guys are

They're out having fun. At least it seemed that way when I went with Glenn yesterday afternoon to shoot with bloggers SayUncle and Les Jones, and the guys at I often wonder looking around at the world where the guys are. And now I know. They are doing their own thing, mastering skills and becoming entrepreneurs like the guys at LuckyGunner who are finishing law school and running a business.

We shot outside and as the afternoon turned to dusk, I watched as SayUncle put together an AR-15 modified to shoot a .50 BMG round and the guys took turns shooting it. I shot an AR-15 as well as a variety of pistols and rifles. All the men took the time to explain each of their guns to me and it was great to be outside in the fresh air doing something instead of sitting still. What also amazed me is how much knowledge, skill, and ability goes into the art of shooting and understanding weaponry. Yes, shooting well requires discipline, intelligence and art, something those who are ignorant of weapons do not understand.

Update: SayUncle has pictures here.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Philadelphia Enquirer: "Colleges struggle to recruit more men" (via Instapundit). Take a look at the comments, they are pretty interesting. Most notable are that the men (and some women) are fighting back and not allowing the other commenters to get away with their blatant sexism.


Greg Mankiw in the New York Times (via Instapundit): " ....don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that when the government taxes the rich, only the rich bear the burden."

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