Saturday, June 10, 2006

Beach Blogging

Well, Glenn and I have escaped to the beach for a while (with internet access, of course). So blogging may consist of boring details of my beach vacation--or maybe pictures or a podcast of anything I can find of interest. Are other people taking vacations this summer? And if so, do you find them relaxing or do they make you more stressed--I say both for me.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Podcast: Divorce Court 101

Statistics indicate that the divorce rate is high--some say up to fifty percent of marriages in the US end in divorce while others say it is lower, but still high. Are you about to become one of these statistics or know someone who is? Then you have to listen to our dicussion with divorce attorney, Lauren Strange-Boston, who joins us in our studio today to discuss how men and women differ when it comes to negotiating the terms of divorce. We will focus first on what to look for in a spouse in order to avoid divorce, how to find a good divorce attorney if the worst happens and you need one, how to manage your feelings in the most effective way (hint: anger and/or manipulation may not win your case), and what to do if your soon-to-be ex decides to bring charges against you for sexual abuse or other serious allegations.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here (no iPod necessary) or you can subscribe via iTunes here. Here is a link to our podcast archive if you want to listen to previous podcasts here. And there's a low-fi version for dialup users right here.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Women's Confidence Day

Apparently, yesterday was declared Women's Confidence Day by Queen Latifah and other women who feel the need to continue the tired program of promoting women's self-esteem (Thanks Allah Pundit). Haven't we drilled into most women's heads enough self-esteem already? Has anyone ever asked whether or not this "self-esteem" is helpful to women and society or not? Pumping women up with fake programs and phony self-esteem seems to do more harm than good--hence the need for books like See Jane Hit : Why Girls Are Growing More Violent and What We Can Do About It. It seems that we would spend our time more wisely by teaching women how to actually master real skills such as mathematics, science and engineering then promoting programs that provide a fake, but worthless sense of self. "Radiating confidence" can never substitute for real knowledge and plain hard work.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Should We Have a Fat Tax?

Dave at the Crisper has an interesting post on the possibility of taxing those with a high BMI (Body Mass Index). Should we also consider a tax on crappy genetics or how about just plain bad luck? Because hey, my BMI is 20 and I'm not doing so good in the health department. Could it just be that some people find fat people offensive? I wonder how far the food Nazis are willing to go so that they do not have to bear the unsightliness of the overweight?
Grand Rounds is up over at The Medical Blog Network.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Podcast on Parenting

Today, we are talking with fellow bloggers, James Lileks and Cathy Seipp, on how parenting has changed over the last thirty or so years. Lileks is the author of Mommy Knows Worst : Highlights from the Golden Age of Bad Parenting Advice, which is a hilarious book about the bad parenting advice from the 1940's and 1950's. You can see a review of his book by me here at TCS Daily. Seipp is a columnist at the LA Times and blogger at Cathy's World. She has some interesting ideas about parenting that she shares with us.

You can listen to the podcast here or you can subscribe to us on iTunes by clicking here.

There is an archive of past podcasts here. And there's a lo-fi version for dialup here.

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Carnival of the Insanities

The Carnival of the Insanities is up at Dr. Sanity's blog. Take at look at number 17--who knew that video games were good for you? Frankly, they never seemed that bad for kids to me.