Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I don't generally take products from publicists who ask me to try one of their products. However, a few weeks ago I was at the computer with my neck and arm aching from clicking the mouse for the hundredth time and I saw an email asking if I would like to try a new pain cream for carpel tunnel, neck and back pain. "Sure," I wrote back and yesterday, a big package of this Topricin Cream arrived in my mailbox.

I read over the literature that accompanied the cream to see what it was made of and checked out the website that stated:
Our patented topical formula aids in the healing process by improving blood flow to the injured tissue and draining toxins and fluids that build up as a result of injury or painful ailments like arthritis. Unlike many other over the counter pain relief creams and medications that just mask symptoms, Topricin® stimulates the body's desire to heal the damage that is causing the pain. Whether for muscle pain, joint pain, soft tissue pain or injury, Topricin® is often the first treatment that doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists recommend.

Okay, it seems safe enough, (I hope!) so I tried some on my neck last night and today and have to say that it does seem to help the pain and I am able to turn my head further than usual. However, I wonder if this is a placebo effect? Does anyone know anything about this stuff or have you tried anything like it? Maybe a better solution would be to stop working on the computer so much and take a walk, of course, but that would make too much sense.

I Hate You, Kelly Donahue

I read a funny book this morning called I Hate You, Kelly Donahue. It looked really dumb but the cover was so interesting that I had to flip through it to see what it was about. It's basically a grown man's journal that reads kind of like a middle school crush on a girl he meets at a new job. The journal is filled with cartoon characters and illustrations of his crush with captions about his thoughts and feelings of "disgust and hate" for her and includes emails from the woman. There are actual pictures of this woman in the book and since this guy hates her and calls her names, it's hard to see why she would participate, although maybe it's just for "art" or something. The book is cute, weird and rather odd if you like this sort of thing.

One thing that has always puzzled me are people who like someone but profess to hate them. This typically happens with teens or kids, but grown-ups seem to get off on hating someone they actually have a crush on.

I suppose it could just increase sexual tension but I have a hard time understanding the appeal.


Monday, February 06, 2012

Apparently, men will spend about twice as much as women this Valentine's Day (via Instapudit):
Men will do the bulk of the shopping this year, the survey found. The average male is expected to spend $168.74 – nearly twice as much as women – on clothing, jewelry and greeting cards, among other things.

I wonder if this is because Valentine's Day to women is more like Super Bowl Sunday for men? But did the women give gifts, help, free snacks etc. yesterday to their partners? This seems only fair.