Saturday, October 25, 2008

Melanie Phillips: "As I have said before, I do not trust McCain; I think his judgment is erratic and impetuous, and sometimes wrong. But on the big picture, he gets it. He will defend America and the free world whereas Obama will undermine them and aid their enemies.....Here’s why. McCain believes in protecting and defending America as it is. Obama tells the world he is ashamed of America and wants to change it into something else."


Friday, October 24, 2008

Charles Krauthammer: "Today's economic crisis, like every other in our history, will in time pass. But the barbarians will still be at the gates. Whom do you want on the parapet? I'm for the guy who can tell the lion from the lamb."


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Interview on Men's Issues

Bernard Chapin, author of Women: Theory and Practice and Escape from Gangsta Island: A School's Progressive Decline has an interview up with me at Men's News Daily entitled The Apex Fallacy:

I have conducted scores of interviews since 2003, but rarely did one alter my worldview. Yet that was precisely what occurred during my exchange with Dr. Helen Smith. Her answer to my second question led to my coming up with a new term for the fallacious way by which feminists comprehend the nature of our social structure. The phrase “Apex Fallacy” sprung to mind as it elucidates fully the inaccurate fashion by which they assess the status of women in America.

Go read the whole thing and pay attention to my answers to the questions on chivalry, they are worth noting.


Monday, October 20, 2008

What's wrong with being a "himbo?"

I was looking at my hotmail account and came across the ridiculous caption, "Is he a himbo?" at MSN. According to the urban dictionary, a himbo is the male version of a bimbo, whore, or slut. I stupidly clicked on the article (I know, I know, don't do it) and read the following:

It's a good thing I was reading the tabloids at my doctor's office, because after looking at the latest Us Weekly and In Touch, I felt like I could use a heavy dose of antibiotics. I'm not sure when it hit me, but somewhere between the picture of Lance Armstrong holding hands with Kate Hudson (not long after he'd stopped canoodling with Ashley Olsen) and the snapshot of John Mayer catching some rays with Jennifer Aniston (mere months after telling Jessica Simpson he wanted to see other Wonderlands), I started to feel a little queasy.

I'm no stranger to the porcine habits of men, what with being one and all. But doesn't it seem like these guys are going a little beyond piggy lately?...

Or perhaps these guys should take a cue from Cary Grant: By all accounts, he was the Ho of Babylon, and yet his legacy is all rakish charm and sex appeal. It's a matter of style.

Maybe I give Cary Grant a pass cuz he made Notorious, while Matthew McConaughey made Failure to Launch. Whatever. I'm just saying, guys — have a little self-respect, OK? Seriously. Keep your shirts on. Live strong.

So, let's get this straight. If women play the field, they are liberated. If men do the same, they are pigs with no self-respect. Give me a break. The guy who wrote the article is either jealous of these guys or has been so indoctrinated to telling females what they want to hear that he has to diss his own sex to make himself feel important. Either way, I say, if you're male, single, and upfront with the women you date, let your inner himbo shine if you're so inclined.