Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Psychosphere Roundup

Dr. Sanity has a roundup of posts across the Psychosphere. Go take a look.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

No Gun, No Chance

Are schools just trying to get people killed? School security officer, Russ Kocur, at Halls High School in Knoxville was shot and killed by a fugitive from the law who was sitting in a parking lot at the school. The officer went to check out the car and was shot. One has to wonder why a school security officer who patrols a school at night does not carry a weapon or wear a bullet proof vest:

Hutchison says Lineberry was only in Knoxville a short time.

He had a flat tire and was stranded at Halls High School.

Lineberry has no known connection to Knoxville and has an extensive criminal history, including distributing marijuana in a school zone, breaking and entering and assault and battery.

Police say officer Kocur, who was unarmed and not wearing a bullet proof vest, was shot by a .22 caliber revolver, probably after discovering the suspect had a gun.

"The guard was struck one time in the upper back...between the liver and the heart," says Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison.

So here is another instance where a gun might have saved this man's life--but I bet that won't make headlines. Why should a school be allowed to have a security guard with no weapon patrol at night alone? Shouldn't a school be held liable for placing a person in such danger? I don't know why anyone would take a job as a security guard without a weapon. What are they supposed to do if they see a crime taking place, hide under a desk?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Misandric TV

Take a look at this clip from youtube (Hat tip: Richard's Midlife Crisis) from a segment on the Dr. Phil Show and read the comments -- many are spot on. The video clip shows the willingness of this misandric psychologist to pander to his female audience without any regard for men's Constitutional rights or equality of reproductive choice. Unbelievably, Dr. Phil takes the position that a man should be forced to be a father, even when his girlfriend lies to him about her medical condition, birth control and the level of responsibility she is willing to take before they have sex. I love the way Dr. Phil never talks negatively about women who lie to their sexual partners. If a man lied to a woman in a similar fashion, you'd better believe that he would be ridiculed and held up as a loser.

Yes, these daytime talk shows like Dr. Phil are silly and not worth watching for the most part, but that does not mean that they are harmless. All of us who care about equal justice in the courts for both women and men would do well to pay attention to the cultural messages that shows like this send out, that the men and their lawyers who speak up about reproductive choice are wimps and good-for-nothings who get their jollies by berating an innocent woman who had no idea that she could get pregnant. Men have few choices in today's arena of reproductive rights and must be fathers and pay the price for a good portion of their lives. Funny, this used to be the case for women in the "dark ages" and now it is seen as wrong -- for women. It is just as wrong for men.

Men must stand up for each other and demand justice by using alternative media (like Youtube) to get the word out that this type of sexist "justice" is unfair and will no longer be tolerated. Until then, men's rights in the area of reproductive choice will continue to erode along with their bank accounts. Young men like the one in the video clip with Dr.Phil are paying the price for men's lack of support or interest in men's rights. Apparently, the young man's views are a joke to the host and females in Dr. Phil's audience but they should not be to the average American male. Perhaps it is time for a man's version of The View or other countershows that teach the American public that men's issues, views, and rights are as equally important as women's in the American cultural and legal system.

Update: Dr. Melissa has more thoughts on men's reproductive rights--they shouldn't have any lest they want to be tagged as pathetic losers:

Men are the new victims. Welcome, men, to the horde of pathetic losers claiming their life is ruined by someone else. Wallow along with the rest of us, will you? Isn't that nice? Dr. Helen thinks men should unite and fight for their rights. It's already happening. And it is crazy. In this men's movement, no thought is given to the children. Oh, yeah! Them....

At least one of Dr. Melissa's commmenters sees the irony in her view:

I agree that abortion has become another way for men to use women and manipulate them. However, to play devil's advocate, my friend's marriage dissolved when his wife aborted their baby, even after he begged her to have it and promised that he would take custody and full care of it. I have always wondered why--even as her spouse and the father of the baby--he had absolutely no rights do determine whether the child lived or died. And yet if he had been Joe One-Night-Stand and she had the baby, he'd be legally responsible for life.

Yep, just another pathetic loser who wanted some reproductive rights--shame on him!