Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Browbeaten into Submission

Now here is a blogger who believes that the proper role for a man in marriage is submission. Actually, the blog of this "Mad Suburban Dad" sounds like it is written by a woman. Apparently, if you don't acknowlege that men should kowtow to women in marriage, act frightened of their spouse's wrath, hide out in a tent like a wuss (see entry 4-4-2006 and 4-11-2006) and say you are "on strike" instead of confronting her, or otherwise kiss up to women at every opportunity--you are pegged as a woman-hater. What do you think--is this "guy's" blog satire or not?

Update: Normally, I do not care what other people write about my blog or me in their own personal blogs--it is usually of little interest. However, in this case of Mad Suburban Dad, I think his blog and commenters speak volumes about the way our society treats men and those of us who are female who do not toe the party line of the virtues of women and the sins of men. Just call them sexist, woman haters, racist or whatever to make them look bad. Sorry MadDad, this type of behavior no longer works--everyone sees through this cheap psychological maneuver.

Mad Dad calls my commenters (and me, by association) "women-haters and the women who love them," yet here are the statements from his commenters regarding myself, Cathy Young, and a woman named Heather:

Well, I have been a reader here for a while now and I have always thought your entries were well written and humorous. I can only hope my marrage is as happy as your is, we should all hope to be as lucky. I went ahead and read those two womens blogs and I have to tell you I am ashamed to be a woman right now. Those two humorless twits are ruining the reputations of women everywhere turning us into nagging humorless bitches who will leave you at the drop of a hat. Accckkkk... they make me sick. I appologize for the rest of us who are not bland, cranky, miserable, lackluster and emotionally repressive.

frankly they sound a couple of jealous ol' BFHs (Bimbo from a Terribly Hot Place ;-)w absolutely no sense of humor to me! I loved the story of the 'well-managed' man and think that tho Mrs Mad-Dad was apparently born a 'Yankee', that she's really a Southern Lady at heart (w all the smarts that being a Lady entails), and you sir are obviously a Gentleman (w all the courtesy that being a Gentleman requires).

Well MadDad, first of all, Heather is an A-hole. You know it, I know it, and the rest of blogland should know it..... I wonder what Dr. Helen & Cathy Young's relationships are like? Tee Hee.

Wow, it sounds like Mad Dad and his commenters are the woman-haters to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who went on strike.


8:49 AM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger BobH said...

I didn't read the whole thing, but it appears that he intended it all as a joke. Unfortunately, "humor" seems to be nothing more than an attack on somebody together with demand that this other person not be annoyed or retaliate, all so the attacker can demonstrate his or her wit and/or social dominance. For example, I've had women tell me that "The Scum Manifesto", which openly proposes killing men, is supposed to be funny. (It's on the Internet. Go forth and Google.) I'm not laughing! Moreover it's stuff like this that made me get rid of my sense of humor.

9:42 AM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger dadvocate said...

This has to be humorous. I would guess that it may well be a woman writing it due to phraseology. Would a man write this: "My spine straightens straight up and my ears are on full alert, like a deer who has heard a noise while sipping water from a creek."?

BTW - if you want to go on strike by a 25 foot Airstream trailer and park it in the driveway. It may well be more nicely equipped than your house. You don't want your "better half" to think your suffering.

10:04 AM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger dadvocate said...

I mean "buy" the trailer.

10:04 AM, May 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What do you think--is this "guy's" blog satire or not?"

I think I've figured it out. Mad Suburban Dad is a joint project between Dr. Helen, Instapundit, and Frank J. from IMAO.


10:32 AM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger The Gonzman said...

Yeah, I read "Mad Suberban Dad" and the word that pops into my mind is - un - "Kitty-whipped."

What a joke.

4:46 PM, May 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Get out in the real world. You're playing the Victorian with a case of the vapors and he's just laughing at you.

It appears you just can't recognize satire and humor when you see it. Well, the rest of us can. What happened to your development?

5:02 PM, May 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mad Dad,

I'm writing this here because I KNOW you're looking. If it was humor and satire you were striving for, sadly, you missed by a large margin. Now, please give your wife the key so that she can put your testicles back in the lockbox.

Frank H

5:45 PM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger Peregrine John said...

...that was humor? I have a special love of satire, even when it's directed at me personally. But only if it's funny.

(It's like the difference between a Knowing Laugh and a Humorless Bark. Subtle only if you're emotionally invested in the joke.)

6:48 PM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger AmericanWoman said...

WWWAAAAHHH!!! My wife is mean to me! WWWAAHHHH!!!

Humor or not, I am sick of victim-mentality of any sex, age, race, religion, etc.

No one is doing anything to you, you are doing it to yourself.

Get therapy or shut up.

7:21 PM, May 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All fine and good to be sick of the mentality now that women no longer really benefit from it, and men are starting to get a little sympathy.

Tell you what go ahead and be sick of it, I'll just do what comes naturally...namely ignore the whining to a large degree....and those who want to try and get somewhere with the victim card can go right ahead.

Seeing as how you are the beneficiary of 40 odd years of "victim speak", you really should take your own advice.


8:57 PM, May 24, 2006  
Anonymous Mark said...

Ok now I'm totally confused. MadMom claimed, within the comments of this blog, that the post was satire in the vein of Swift's 'A Modest Proposal', but now MadDad claims that it was geniunely autobiographical and he's personally offended?!? -- what's MadDad not telling MadMom ;)

But I can appreciate that MadDad resents having strangers judge him and his marriage. So I won't.

And, yes he's a guy, he's not a milktoast, and his blog is worth following IMO.
One other point. It's not appropriate to judge blogs, or blog communities, by the rants posted in the comment section of a single post. Bloggers apply various standards to how they moderate a/o filter comments, some more liberally than others. That specific topic did seem to draw some pretty angry people. But others on gender issues have been much more moderate.

9:18 PM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger Wickedpinto said...

I'm BAD! BAD! BAD! at relationships myself, however I know many people who have had wonderful relationships, and the same people who had wonderful relationships 10 years ago have wonderful relationships now, so I think I can comment in terms of a third party observation.

Dating, and marriage is not a shackle. That is the first observation. ( I tend to speak in terms of stories) so here is a story.

A friend of mine (I won't say his name) had been married for about 6 years at the time, his wife was pregnant for the first time (it was the first time they could afford it) I loved both of these people, and I knew NOTHING about their relationship, UNTIL! another friend of mine got married, he married the wrong person, and he was the wrong kind of person for marriage (like me) and he needed a place to live with his wife while he was taking care of all of the "base housing" things he needed to take care of.

So friend2 was allowed to live with friend-group1 (the couple who had been married for 6 years) until all of the paperwork got taken care of.

The male, from friend-group1 came into work complaining and said "can we talk in the vault" (literaly, it was a "vault") and I said sure, our commander (this was in the military) signed off, and we sat down and talked. The Male from Friend-group1 just complained for a period of time, finaly, he got to the point, "They have never spent any time together, NEVER! they are gonna fail! (talking about friend2's relationship with his wife) and I don't wanna be blamed"

I admitted that I'm not built for this stuff, so he explained.

HERE is the actual story.

male friend from friend group1, we will call him "deuce" and his wife, I will call her "double" (she was pregnant.)

Anyways, "Deuce" says that friend2 thinks that getting laid is love and it's not, I knew that. Then he talks about how he would come home from work and EVERYDAY the friend1 was constantly pawing his wife, and his wife was constantly pawing him, they were ALWAYS together (not ALWAYS a bad thing, but ALWAYS is a bad thing, get it?)

Anyways, after "Deuce" gave me that bit of complaining, I later talked to "double" and I told the story that "deuce" gave me, and she agreed, she loved her husband "deuce" but she has her own life, she loves SHARING that life with "deuce" but "doubles" life doesn't mean that "deuce" must life that same life. Where as Friend1 thought thats how it is.

Later while at a party at "deuce" and "double"'s house, friend one showed up with his wife, and they constantly wispered, and then wouldn't take part in the party. and I said out loud, "this is ridiculous friend1! you've known us long enough to know that we will get the joke!" at which point, friend1 looked at me with something akin to terror. His wife said, "go ahead honey" or some such thing.

And when friend1's wife convinced friend1 to tell the thing that made him laugh, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS FRIENDS sat silent. We realized this guy was married to a retard, and we knew that HE knew he married a retard, but he liked the touch and the play. I don't know if we destroyed a marriage because of our prejudgements, but. . .

I never felt bad.

that aside, "Deuce" and "Double" gave me a bit of advice about relationships, cuz they loved me "Awwwwww" they did, I was a very nice guy at times.

Anways "Deuce" and "Double" said "You love the woman, and you have to accept her, you will almost never agree with her, but you love her, the important thing, isn't agreement, it's more about knowing that you love her" that was "Deuce"'s advice, "Double" said "I know that he is ALWAYS thinking about me, he is always worried about me, he does what he does, but I'm what is always in his mind, (my name) thats why I love him, thats why we love eachoter, cuz thats what love is."

I think that is the BEST definition I have ever heard in my life.

(I might have adulterated some of the quotes of others, but not mine, and it doesn't change the way I felt at the time, and the truth I felt in their words)

I mixed up the variables of "friend1" and "friend group2" and such, but "deuce" and "double" are the good couple, the friend that is only refered to as "friendX" is the one who got divorced within 6 months.

1:23 AM, May 25, 2006  
Blogger Chris Key said...

Dr Helen,

The simpletons from the other blogs are trying to divert attention away from the underlying theory of your argument, and they are doing that by using a variety of ad-hominem arguments (IE. Such as their insinuation that you MUST hate women because you disagree with the manner in which some of them act). Whether you hate women or not is irrelevant, as it does not alter the validity of your claims, nor does it refute the underlying theory of your arguments.

In my opinion, I don't think you hate women, as you are merely judging them by their behaviour and NOT by their sex, which means you're NOT generalising, and are viewing them by (i) their *minds*, and, (ii) their *actions*. It was the feminazi's who claimed that they wanted to be known for their minds and not their sexuality, therefore they shouldn't be angry that you're judging them by their *minds* and their *behaviour*.

You should be proud, as there are a few liberal women who are angered by your site - they post under the alias of 'Anonymous' - and any woman who uses factual evidence and logic to anger a feminist-liberal is a candidate for the "Woman of the Year" Award.

In my opinion, you're a very well-mannered woman and I think you're intentions are to help other people - especially men - which is an admirable feat.

As you are aware, the liberal-feminist women on this blog seem to hate me as much as they hate you, so I guess it shows we're doing something right.

Some of the female posters have claimed that I am a *misogynist* because I stated that the biological structure of the male brain possesses a greater amount of innate ability than the female brain to analyse and interpret data. The response from the women is a classic example of an ad-hominem argument, as they have failed to refute the underlying theory of my claim, and they're merely stating that my comments should be ignored as they *think* I am sexist.

Of course there are SOME women who are smarter than men a lot of men, and there are SOME men who are intellectually retarded, however it does not change the fact that the majority of persons who possess an IQ over 170 happen to be male.

2:36 AM, May 25, 2006  
Blogger Chris Key said...

For the record, I refused to even view the *Mad Suburban Dad* Blog.

2:40 AM, May 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it both interesting and worrying that you have failed to quote the other 23 comments on the blog. Why is it that you have chosen to go about picking at someone else's life instead of writing about your own? Contraversy is one thing, incerdibly insulting is another. And you call yourself a Doctor. If you paid all that money for a PHd and ended up at this level, I'd ask for a refund. Or possibly a brush-up course in manners.

3:40 AM, May 25, 2006  
Blogger jw said...

What concerns me about this flap is the accusations of misogyny.

I worked hard to improve the lot of fathers with custody of small children: For that I was called misogynist. I now work to improve the lot of male victims of violence: Again I am called misogynist.


Why is working towards a more free and fair society somehow against women?

Do you hear loud screams of misandry when a woman speaks out with real hatred of all males? Hmmm? Only a few men's groups members and a few concerned "small c" conservative women take a stand against such real contempt. Yet, men taking a stand against some women's bad behavior are called misogynist. The whole thing is ridiculous.

In the previous thread of this topic Cathy Young suggested I was misogynist due to my correct statement that my own hurt leaves me in a position wherein I have trouble countering real misogyny. I stand by my statement and extend from it the reality that if male victims of violence where treated with even the least kindness, care or concern my own problem would have been ended many years ago.

We cannot end gender based problems without caring about males every bit as much as we care about females. Yet, any attempt to point out this fact is greeted with waves of "you hate women."

Stinkin thinkin!

3:55 AM, May 25, 2006  
Blogger Helen said...


Thank you for your comment.

7:36 AM, May 25, 2006  
Blogger dadvocate said...

I originally thought that the MadDad, etc. was all a joke. But given all the hostility emanating from that direction, maybe not. Maybe it's some women's dream, and most men's nightmare, of how married life should be.

It is funny how all the name calling starts from the "feminist" side. Of course, what else can they do when there is no logical, rational argument to fall back upon?

8:28 AM, May 25, 2006  
Blogger TMink said...

Hmmmm. I tried to follow the controversy and ideas but got lost. I decided that it was likely not worth my time to sort it out. I did notice that Dr. Helen was discussing the posts she read while I could not really follow what Mad-Dad was trying to say.

One part I DID get was when Dr. Helen was criticized for NOT THINKING LIKE A PSYCHOLOGIST. You know, not being leftist and seeing everyone as a victim and feeling their pain.

Thank God. That is one of the main reasons I read this blog! Psychology is being used to EXCUSE behavior while it is best used to UNDERSTAND behavior. Too many in our field have become professional rescuers (in a drama sense) and so that has become part of our public persona. YUCK.

I feel better now!


1:47 PM, May 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like MadDad, he is funny and has a good sense of humor. "Well managed" goes for both husband and wife. Both spouces make compromises and that is what "well managed" is. You change and consider your spouce, instead of always thinking of yourself. When your married, you have to think of things as "us" instead of just me all the time. That's well managed.

1:58 PM, May 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if it's valid to judge a blog and a blogger by using selected comments, the following comment is one people can use to judge Helen.

3:51 PM, May 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All women are viscious, selfish, and wothless pieces of crap! I'm sure Helen agrees with me!

3:51 PM, May 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Helen can't spell "worthless," either!

3:52 PM, May 25, 2006  
Blogger Helen said...

Hi Trey,

Yes, I agree that psychology has degenerated into a profession used to excuse behavior and perpetuate victimhood. I am glad there are psychologists out there such as yourself who still think that personal responsibility and accountability are important. It has harmed our profession that so many see it as a function of the left to be used to let people off the hook. I have read that juries rarely take defense experts seriously because of this left-leaning tendency. I can't say as I blame them.

4:01 PM, May 25, 2006  
Blogger Bob said...

Yes, that may be a part of the reason juries rarely take defense experts seriously. But let me give you an example of a child custody case I investigated for a District Court here in Colorado. The father was obsessed with portraying the mother in the worst possible light, because she had the nerve to leave him! He was very wealthy, and she left with nothing except herself and the children. He hired a forensic psychologist, who asked to talk to me after I had spent some time doing my investigation for the court, but before I actually sat down to write my report. It was so obvious to me that this psychologist was merely a hired gun with only one goal: help this man win his case without regard to the facts of the case.
His motives were so transparent, that I had no respect for him as a professional.

7:46 PM, May 25, 2006  
Blogger AmericanWoman said...

i Seeing as how you are the beneficiary of 40 odd years of "victim speak", you really should take your own advice.'

Do you know me personally? Do you know the facts of my life? I'm sure you don't so please don't make assumptions. And if there has been '40 years of victim speak' it would pale in comparison to the hundreds if not thousands of years of male domination over women. Care to deny that, or just conveniently forgot about it?

At any rate, I don't have sympathy for the victim mentality from any aspect.

9:16 PM, May 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems psychologists just can't keep from jumping on the victim wagon. Some choose one set of victims; some choose another. But most seem to be riding that wagon for all it's worth. It makes me wonder if psychology has any real substance.

11:21 PM, May 25, 2006  
Blogger Chris Key said...

AmericanWoman Said: And if there has been '40 years of victim speak' it would pale in comparison to the hundreds if not thousands of years of male domination over women. Care to deny that, or just conveniently forgot about it?

Chris Key Says: There is not a single shred of evidence to verify your subjective insinuation, which renders your argument as an ad-personam fallacy.

The feminists are quite willing to use the ad-hominem fallacy and ad-personam, as it's their way of shunning any form of factual evidence that refutes their insane ideologies, as they can then focus on the discussion of the *imagined or real* character flaws of their opponents.

For example, when a feminist says that men have oppressed women for hundreds of years, it causes their opponent to defend themselves against the personal attack, and this leads to the diversion of attention away from the original argument.

The purpose of an ad-personam is to appeal to the emotions of the majority, and suggest that their judgment of a person should be based on their character flaws and NOT the factual evidence that is provided within their argumentation.

If you're going to use such a statement, then you need to offer a citation to verify your insinuation - a process you have failed to perform. Are you able to offer a citation to an objective form of evidence that can verify your claim, or are you merely repeating the subjective and hysterical utterance of the feminazi's?

The lack of an even quota between the sexes has always existed.

A lack of an even quota between men and women in any given field does not correlate to sexism and oppression, as the differences of the sexes can account for the inability for one to compete with the other in many areas of society.

The poor technology of the past would have prevented the women from performing in the fields that are dependent upon the presence of muscular strength and spatial thinking, which is why men were so dominate in the workforce during the 19th Century.

The socialists-feminists of today are far too ignorant and unintelligent to understand that the only reason that women are able to perform in so many areas of society at the present point of time is due to the technological advances that COMPENSATE for their inferiority.

When those devices did not exist, women were unable to perform those tasks. If the women of today were forced to live on an island where they were deprived of EVERY MAN-MADE invention, then they would find themselves completely helpless and dependent on men.

That's the problem with the socialists, they're too insane to understand that the current standard of living could not have existed in the past, as the state of technology was VERY basis prior to the 20th Century.

12:18 AM, May 26, 2006  
Anonymous Acksiom said...

It seems americanwoman needs to be reminded of the earlier hard questions about (A) women's consistent presence in the elite dominant and dominating classes throughout human history, to say nothing of american women's, in particular, purchase, sale, 'ownership' and so on of male slaves in recent american history, as compared to their power relative to men within the strata of the social classes, and (B) as to whether she herself would rather be a male of those historical peon, peasant, subordinated lower classes, or a slave, than she would a woman of the elite, aristocratic, dominating classes, or slave-owner.

But of course she still has yet to provide a sensible answer to those points ITFP.

Thus actually demonstrating, behaviorally, her susceptibility to the identity cult of gender-based victimization-esteem. . .precisely as Dr. Helen, so to speak, diagnoses.

12:19 AM, May 26, 2006  
Blogger Chris Key said...

Anonymous Said: And Helen can't spell "worthless," either!

Chris Key Says: Your comment is merely a form of defamation, and if Helen really wanted to, she could file a civil lawsuit against you for libel.

12:22 AM, May 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You can't spell "worthless," either.

9:05 AM, May 26, 2006  
Blogger AmericanWoman said...

' Chris Key Says: There is not a single shred of evidence to verify your subjective insinuation, which renders your argument as an ad-personam fallacy.'

Subjective? Try reading any history book you twit. You are so far out there, you aren't even worth addressing.

10:20 PM, May 26, 2006  
Blogger AmericanWoman said...

I'm sure there were some male slaves that were better off than some wives of wealthy men. What is the point you are trying to make? That not ALL men were able to subject ALL women?

Me thinks you all doth protest too much!

10:23 PM, May 26, 2006  
Blogger Chris Key said...

AmericanWoman Said: Subjective? Try reading any history book you twit. You are so far out there, you aren't even worth addressing.

Chris Key Says: After reading the history books for many years, I have found a large amount of evidence to verify the fact that a LOT of legal impunity was conferred to women over the centuries, and that repudiates your claim that women were subjected by men.

The Old English Law system conferred a large amount of legal impunity to women, as did the 19th Century Law system, and a verification of these facts can be observed by reading the works of Belfort Bax and Christina Hoff Sommors.

(An alternative copy of the book can be viewed on the following Website)

The Legal Subjection of Men was written by Belfort Bax and a few other men during the early 20th Century, around the year of 1909/1910. The factual book has documented a wide range of actual laws from the 19th century that allowed women to commit the following offences with legal impunity:

- Women were allowed to slander men with impunity.
- Women were allowed to harass men with impunity.
- Women were allowed to physically assault with impunity.
- Women were alloweed to defraud men with impunity.
- Women were allowed to murder men on most occassions with impunity.

The early feminists of 1848 were adamant in their claim that men were allowed to batter women with impunity, however their claim was never verified, and has been refuted by a variety of actual laws which show that the act of battery against women was prohibited under Old English Law. In some areas, the punishment for woman battery involved the state flagellation the perpetrator at the public whipping post, while fines and imprisonment were utilised in other regions.

The so called 'rule of thumb' happens to be a mere expression that was used by the wood-workers of the 17th Century who were so precise in their measurement of the raw materials that they used the length of their thumb to calculate the total length of any object.

Canadian folklorist Philip Hiscock stated the following: "The real explanation of 'rule of thumb' is that it derives from wood workers ... who knew their trade so well they rarely or never fell back on the use of such things as rulers. Instead, they would measure things by, for example, the length of their thumbs."

The following article will allow you to develop an understanding of the Old English Law System.


The usage of ad-hominem arguments will not allow you to win this argument, as I have studied this subject for a few years and I have found a LOT of evidence to verify my claim, therefore you're immature outbursts are absolutely meaningless. Based on the manner in which you have responded during this argument, it seems you're just an uneducated American woman who bases her opinions of Human history on there unsubstantiated theories of feminist indoctrination.

2:10 AM, May 27, 2006  
Blogger Chris Key said...

AmericanWoman Said: Subjective? Try reading any history book you twit. You are so far out there, you aren't even worth addressing.

Chris Key Says: Around 24-48 hours ago I used factual evidence to expose the ad-hominem argument that was raised by AmericanWoman, and here she is using the same logical fallacy in response to my editorial, which shows that she has FAILED to learn from her past mistakes. The failure for one to learn from past their mistakes, and the belief that the repetition of an act with the hope of obtaining a difficult outcome is defined as a form of insanity (It's up to the reader to understand the underlying theory of this claim).

Another ad-hominem argument has been raised by AmericanWoman, as she has tried to insinuate that my argument does not hold any merit as she believes I am *out there*, however she has failed to address the actual soundness of my style of argumentation. If the woman were to have addressed the soundness of my argument, she would have realised that there is a wealth of objective evidence to verify my claim.

2:29 AM, May 27, 2006  
Blogger Darren Blacksmith said...

American Woman declares that for some undefined period of time (hundreds or thousands of years, shes not sure) men have dominated over women.

This is a variation of the claim by feminist women that women have been 'oppressed' by men for thousands of years (repeated so often that the public swallowed it for a number of years, hopefully they are waking up now).

However, for one group to be oppressed by another, that group has to be worse off in the presence of the 'oppressors' than if they didn't exist. So, do feminists REALLY think that women would now be in a better position if men had never existed (eg if women could have somehow reproduced asexually)? They would probably still be living a primative existance, lowwer than a hunter-gatherer, but a little higher than a chimp.

6:57 AM, May 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Are men oppressed by women?

12:33 PM, May 27, 2006  
Anonymous Acksiom said...

Look. As long as you continue to view the world exclusively in terms of gender-based power relations, your understanding of real life, and your consequential happiness and success as a human being, are going to be likewise severely limited. Such an exclusive focus upon gender-based power relations reduces your model of the world so drastically that you miss out on essential knowledge in a host of other areas.

The fundamental human competition and conflict is not between men and women, but between individualism and tribalism, between autonomy and dependency, between self-determination and authoritarian dominance. The ruling elites and their hierarchy of con-artist parasites who try to convince you otherwise are simply attempting to distract you from the real power relations -- the ones that the founding fathers recognized and used as a philosophical basis for the creation of our fundamental, revolutionary social contract between the State and the Citizen.

Bottom line, people who get you all whooped up about one gender oppressing the other are somewhere on a hierarchical continuum that runs from emotionalistic tools at the bottom to ruthless profiteers at the top.

The resentment of "men's historical oppression of women" is simply a programmed trance people get sucked into so that they won't notice how much of their wealth and energy are being siphoned off, and how much control over their lives is being established and maintained, by the very same people promoting and spreading that resentment.

Get it?

Your enemies are not the other gender. Your enemies are the people telling you the other gender is your enemy. And the other gender is not your oppressors. Your oppressors are the people today, and the people throughout history, who keep tricking you into resenting your peers and equals, so that you never notice how much the tricksters are taking from you, and how much the tricksters are getting you to do for them.

They're con artists and demagogues and liars, and the real enemy. And you need to let go of the warm fuzzy righteous indignation that their lies awaken in you. Because they're using you through that to distract everybody's attention from just how much wealth and power they've wrongfully acquired.

4:30 PM, May 27, 2006  
Blogger AmericanWoman said...

I can't argue the soundness of your argument, Chris, because I am not insane. I'll leave it to you to keep spewing it all over the place.

Darren - I never said that women were better off without men. I happen to like men (well most of them anyway). But it's not in my nature to ignore historical facts. Women were relegated to a subservient role in the past for the most part. In government, in education, in the arts, in religion. I also don't 'resent' this oppression or any other event in history that did not happen to me personally.

4:49 PM, May 27, 2006  
Anonymous Acksiom said...

And again it must be pointed that most people were 'relegated' -- or better said, subjugated -- to a subservient role in the past; and among the few class elites who did and benefited from said subjugating, women have been consistently well-represented.

The point invalidating her view of reality remains the same: that historically, there has been a vastly, overwhelmingly greater relative difference in freedom and self-determination between men and women of the subservient subjugated classes versus men and women of the ruling classes, in comparison to the relative difference in freedom and self-determination between men versus women within the subservient subjugated and ruling elite classes.

That is a crucial historical fact which she herself is indeed ignoring.

So again, americanwoman, was or was not virtually everybody relegated to a subservient role in the past for the most part -- in government, in education, in the arts, in religion? Yes or no?

And given the choice, which would you personally have rather been -- a typical male of the subservient subjugated classes, or a typical female of the ruling elite classes?

Which would you rather have been -- a typical male slave, or a typical female slave-owner?

7:06 PM, May 27, 2006  
Blogger Chris Key said...

AmericanWoman Said: I can't argue the soundness of your argument, Chris, because I am not insane. I'll leave it to you to keep spewing it all over the place.

Chris Key Says: Again the illogical decadent has failed to refute my comments, and in the process she has merely tried to divert attention away from her stupor by promoting an ad-hominem argument. The manner in which the decadent has continuously relied on the usage of ad-hominem arguments when her tactics have been exposed in full detail is a sign of insanity on her behalf, as she continues to perform the same action on a repetitive basis and hopes that the rest of the readers will not understand the intent of her mannerisms.

The 'woman' fails to understand the very definition of the arguments that she has utilised, and when her claims are repudiated by the men on here, she just resorts to throwing a tantrum and using epithets to 'intimidate' the rest of the readers.

Anyone who possesses an understanding of the history of Humanity can understand that the claim of "women have been subjected by men for thousands of years" is a fallacy, as a lot of women have held a great deal of power over many demographics of men throughout the centuries.

Acksiom has repudiated the claims that were made by AmericanWoman, and in the process he has exposed the logical fallacies of her argumentation. As a result she has just been able to ignore his comments. When I offered a citation to refute the comments that were offered by AmericanWoman, she just *dismissed* them and refused to acknowledge their validity, which shows that she is unable to analyse and interpret any form of data that does not appeal to her agenda.

Perhaps the following citation will offer some insight to the readers:


We must once more refer, on account of its wide-spreading popularity, to the cheap sneer by which some small but ''gallant" wits may endeavour to turn the edge of the foregoing observations, namely, the attempt to play of the muscular inferiority of women to men as an answer to any allegation of oppression exercised on behalf of the so-called weaker sex. When looked at fairly in the face, the point in question will he seen so preposterously absurd as to be hardly worth answering. But, nevertheless, absurd as it is, it undoubtedly plays a part, half unconsciously, in the apathy of most men on the question of female privilege. Because men are muscularly stronger than women, it is felt by many, and the feeling is supported by the class of cheap witticism above referred to, that therefore it is impossible for men to be seriously oppressed by women. A moment's reflection suffices to show that the question of muscular strength or weakness is absolutely immaterial to the issue. It would be just as reasonable to suppose that because the Czar of Russia and his high officials were less muscularly developed than the average Russian peasant, that the possibility of the Russian peasant being seriously oppressed by the Czar or his government was a proposition to be laughed at. The weakest and most frail woman, backed by the whole power of the State, may easily annihilate by the State forces summoned by her scream, a legion of Sarnsons or Hercules." Belfort Bax (The Legal Subjection of Men)


From all we have said, it will now be evident, one would think, to the most prejudiced reader that modern English Law, following obsequiously a deluded or apathetic stage of public opinion, has solved the problem of the division of rights and duties between the sexes, by conceding to woman all rights, and imposing on man all duties.

It would not be difficult to show, were it worth while, that even the disabilities of women in past times have been grossly exaggerated by apostles of the feminist cultus who have, of course, taken a brief to prove the wickedness of "horrid man" to the poor downtrodden female. Such disabilities as really obtained were for the most part the necessary outcome of women's position as non-combatants in a rude fighting age, and certainly did not originate, as is generally represented, in any deep-laid scheme of male devising. In return for a certain formal subjection, in some respects, they obtained not only the blessing of protection, then an important matter, but valuable privileges in other directions. An impartial student of history must admit that, however badly men have treated their fellow-men, they have always treated women with comparative generosity. The change from feudal to modern capitalist conditions, as regards the position of women, is characterised, however, not only by, at one and the same time, the abolition of every vestige of subordination or disability, but, in addition to that, by the extension of the old compensating privileges, which were the counterpart of the former, and by the further heaping up on the top of these of new privileges, the result having finally saddled us with the institution of that sex-noblesse the leading features of which we have sketched out in the foregoing pages." Belfort Bax (The Legal Subjection of Men)

11:26 PM, May 27, 2006  
Blogger Darren Blacksmith said...

Americanwoman said:

"I can't argue the soundness of your argument, Chris, because I am not insane."


It seems that American woman is saying that to argue against the soundness of your argument would be insane, therefore she is supporting your argument!

3:35 AM, May 28, 2006  
Anonymous TX said...

You are weird.

You go on somebody else's blog and attack their opinions and lifestyle choices on your blog? You could've made your point with out linking to him. Now you and your minions want to harass him?

Really! Get a life. If all psychologists are as judgmental and mean spirited as you are, all of us have been warned to stay away.

10:03 AM, May 31, 2006  
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