Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I was on Amazon and a book was recommended for me called In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks: . . . And Other Complaints from an Angry Middle-Aged White Guy. The author is Adam Carolla and the book looks pretty funny. However, having never heard of this guy, I thought I would ask readers if they had and if they think the book is worth purchasing. My fear is that I will be buying a book that blasts men in some stereotypical style that is passed off as humor. If you have any thoughts or have read this book, let me know.



Blogger Cham said...

Isn't Adam Corolla a comedian? Comedy Central comes to mind, he's been on TV.

8:19 AM, November 02, 2010  
Blogger Steve said...



I never thought he was that funny.

8:20 AM, November 02, 2010  
Blogger Ern said...

This may be helpful:


8:26 AM, November 02, 2010  
Blogger Cham said...

I never claimed he was funny, just that he probably writes "comedian" on his tax return as a profession and he's been on TV.

8:27 AM, November 02, 2010  
Blogger Sinner said...

I find Adam to be very funny. I liked "The Man Show"

8:39 AM, November 02, 2010  
Blogger Unknown said...

Adam has a rant-based style of humor, and I think that's a polarizing aspect about him (personally I find him hilarious).

As Sinner mentioned, he was on "The Man Show" (first four seasons I believe), he had a radio show in LA for awhile, and now he podcasts. He gets some interesting guests on his podcasts and conducts a pretty good interview, despite him going off on tangents about himself quite often.

He even made a movie "The Hammer" which is kind of a sports themed romantic comedy (worth seeing just for the scene where he's in line at the hardware store).

He has a fairly pragmatic, non-PC take on things, so I'd be surprised if his book did a lot of man-bashing.


11:07 AM, November 02, 2010  
Blogger Helen said...

To all,

Thanks for the feedback. I knew he was a comedian but didn't know if he was PC or not. Sounds like the book would be funny.

11:29 AM, November 02, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've never heard of Adam Carolla from Loveline with Dr. Drew the psychologist? The book will probably not bash men, although it's hard to tell with him.

2:22 PM, November 02, 2010  
Blogger Jack Steiner said...

I seriously doubt that Adam will bash men- not his style.

4:07 PM, November 02, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adam Carolla was the comedian half of the Loveline radio show, which started as an advice show back in the 80s on a alternative-rock radio station at the time (KROQ). By the 90s, the show had changed from taking questions about how to ask a girl out to terrible chaotic insane dilemmas caused by young men and women with no adult supervision, no boundaries, and way too much access to drugs. His job was to provide the light humor, to point out the fundamental differences of men and women in an a way that made it possible to listen to the show.

One night, I heard it when Adam was away. As Adam had always been annoying with his shtick, I thought it would be a lot more interesting. Instead, the Dr. took all of the calls,and it was brutal. Sexual abuse victims, physical abuse victims, rape victims, eating disordered pregnant teens, drug addicts, kids in pain describing their own beyond-lurid nightly hook up behavior. It was not possible to listen, because it was just non stop misery and pain. Carolla's humor was what made the show light enough for people to hear the serious side.

10:47 PM, November 02, 2010  
Blogger Steve said...


I never said you DID say he was that funny. I said I didn't think he was funny.

You asked if he was a comedian. I provided a link. No more, no less.

And based on the excerpt from the interview HERE, I would say it won't be a man bashing book:

You say in the book that "guys are smarter than women. ... Men build all the bridges, all the dams, go to the moon, et cetera. It's a fact" and note it's frustrating to see men depicted as idiots in TV commercials. How do you reconcile that with the fact that you have a daughter?

There are certain things that women are better at than men and men are better at than women, and I'm tired of everyone trying to shove us into the same Cuisinart. Every single commercial has a guy as a buffoon, but we sit and take it. Women maybe should adapt that attitude toward the book. There are obviously differences, but it doesn't mean my daughter can't be an inventor. She can be whatever she wants to be

11:39 PM, November 02, 2010  
Blogger Tscottme said...

Dr Helen my brother used to listen to Adam Corolla on Loveline for a long time. He's a blue-collar type of comedian but he's got definitely certain conservative views. Chief among them is stop whining, people with real jobs deserve more respect, life has consequences, etc. He's seriously anti-PC and will likely be crude. He's probably a lot closer to an Al Bundy than the typical show biz celebrity. He's not dumb but makes no pretense to be smart either. the slant of the book seems more like a blue-collar plea for society to "man up" with jokes.

6:27 AM, November 03, 2010  
Blogger Unknown said...

Adam Carolla comes off as a blue collar humorist but it is actually a veneer he wears to ad accessibility to his thoughtful criticisms of modern roles and stereotypes. I enjoy his podcasts and recommend him.

12:34 AM, November 04, 2010  
Blogger globalman100 said...

here is a 'find' for you. If you think men are not mad as hell at all the shit that as been dumped on them these last 40 years? Try reading the mens comments on here. I'd say they are 10 to 1 over women.


9:46 PM, November 05, 2010  

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