Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bruce Bawer, author of While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, has an interesting column at Pajamas Media today on Barack Obama. Bawer takes a look at the psychological dynamic of Obama's feelings towards his black father and white mother and concludes that something disturbing is amiss:

What does it say about the young Obama that he was well-nigh obsessed with his vain braggart of an absentee father but trivialized his mother’s accomplishments? What does it mean that he himself plainly can’t see that his father comes off in these pages as a world-class jerk and his mother as a woman of admirable self-discipline and quiet achievement? What does it mean that throughout his account of his work as a community organizer in Chicago, Obama himself is in sharp focus while the underprivileged folks he’s supposedly trying to help are hazy figures in the distant background? What does it mean that some of the characters in this book – whom one would otherwise assume to be important people in his life – are, as he admits in the introduction, composites? What does it mean that despite his fixation on his father and his Kenyan kin, their religion (Islam) is barely mentioned, and that in the most substantial reference to it, he gives a genial thumbs-up to his brother’s newfound religious fervor?

Bawer asks a lot of important questions about Obama's background that relate to what kind of president he would make. Take a look.


Blogger BarryD said...

Sounds like Obama is the perfect candidate for a certain demographic.

If some of the screwed-up women I've known knew this stuff about him, Hillary wouldn't have a chance in hell, based on some "emotional connection" as some claim they feel. It'd be Obama all the way.

Screwed-up men and self-loathing caucasian-hating perpetual-student lefties, but I repeat myself, would be a shoe-in!

3:41 PM, December 04, 2007  
Blogger Der Hahn said...

We're inundated with ads out here in IA so I thought I'd pass along a couple of thoughts about the Obama ad I've seen most recently.

The main topic is education, and Obama does the voice over as well as appearing in an interview format. In an interesting counterpoint to the article, one of the first statements he makes acknowledges that his father abandoned his family. That's followed by an odd segue into talking about how he was still able to obtain a good education. No explanation for how this happened or why it would be related to his family situation. He gives a couple of political-speak bromides about how he wants to ensure that kids get a world class education. Loosely translated, provide more money for school infrastructure and pay teachers more. I can't remember the first one but the second is 'recruit a new generation of teachers'. No explanation is given for what's wrong with existing teachers or why a special drive is needed to recruit teachers now.

He finishes the spot talking about how parents need to be supportive of education by turning off the TV and interacting with their kids. Not a bad message but one that I think tends to undercut the implications of the first part of the message. Like most of the Obama ads I've seen, there's a lot of nice sounding words and phrases but not much concrete information on what his actual policy proposals are.

He doesn't mention his mother or any other family members in the spot.

11:11 PM, December 04, 2007  
Blogger Danny said...

read obama's book, and itis a good 2 hoursof my life I wontget back. barak "Hussein" obama comes off as an egomaniacal, self-righteous person. The whole world exists for his self-aggrandisement.
Barak "Hussein" Obama is not running for President becasue he wants to better our country, Barak "Hussein" Obama is running to feed his own over-inflated ego.
I am surprised none of the Obama-groupies haven seen through him yet.

10:06 AM, December 05, 2007  
Blogger DADvocate said...

At this point none of the presidential candidates excite me but the Democratic group seem especially pathological. They all worry me tremendously.

6:30 PM, December 05, 2007  
Blogger Charles Montgomery said...

what a bunch of silly palaver...

all the candidates are egomaniacs. That's a minimum requirement of running.

And imagine Obama focusing on the thing in his life that was missing. Sounds like Ronald Reagan to me.

And Bawer is obviously joking with you all..

cause no one could write a line like:
he was well-nigh obsessed with his vain braggart of an absentee father

without being ironic.

it just isn't possible.

11:05 PM, December 05, 2007  
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