Monday, October 08, 2007

New PJM Blogger

Psychologist Phyllis Chesler, the author of The Death of Feminismand many other books and articles, is now blogging at Pajamas Media:

As you all may or may not know, I am a retired Professor of Psychology, a retired psychotherapist, and a retired courtroom witness. But I remain an author, a lecturer, and a public intellectual (God help us all!) who is often interviewed by the media, but no longer by the liberal/left mainstream media.

Once, my books (there are fifteen, thirteen are published), my articles (there are thousands), and my various political, feminist, civil, religious, and human rights campaigns were widely and prominently covered in the major mainstream media. This changed radically in 2003 when I began writing in defense of Israel and America and about the hijacking of the western university by a virulent form of Stalinist Palestinianism and postmodernism.

Go by and welcome her here.


Blogger etahasgard1986 said...

I am rather stunned.

Phyllis Chessler is the mother of all man-haters , whose anti-male bigotry has been poured forth in one hateful screed after another since 1972..

Her bizarre 'Women and Madness" claimed women's mental illnesses were all a patriarchial plot-- esp that women's well known greater incidence of depression was due solely to discrimination against women. Complete bullshit-- like Naomi Wolf claiming anorexia is caused by men's oggling women. Anorexia is a genetic, biologically based life- threatening disorder and "societal pressures" ( from men or women themselves as they compete with each other) have ZERO to do with it. Its mindless pap. Same with depression.

Where is the male conspiracy in men suffering more from alcoholism and sociopathy , 85% of the homeless, and you can bet the mental patients waiting in jail for a bed to open aren't women andf the people literaly thrown to the streets from state mental insitutions are not women. How do women write such utter bs and ignore men's mal-treatment-- Its actionable sex discrimination the way fenmale mental patients get massively preferential treatment at state mental facilities. Men are the disposable sex-- and women never even notice it, so intent they are at gazing at their own....navel.
Then there is "About Men "-- you will not recognize yourself guys in the hands of this hater. Its like " A Tour Through the Talmud " by Adolf Hitler .
A book about baby M-- the surrogate mother who decided to keep 'her" baby and the resulting legal fall-out. Chessler claims surrogacy is a patrirchial evil ( isn't everything !) that denigrates women. What the hell. The childless woman wanted a child and engaged a surrogate who agreed to carry and bear the child of her husband and surrender it to her. Seems like women were driving the agreement. The issue is a ethical/policy one-- men are not imposing anything on women. Another bizarre anti-male book.
Then 1994 's "Patrichy " ,where Chessler foments about "male uterus envy" and that "I've been envisioning a sovereign feminist government for a long time ". I think we have that now-- hence massive violation of men's rights.

Then the the one that shows she is a nut case-- 1986 's feminist classic "Mothers on Trial: The Battle for Children and Custody"... Thesis- a patriarchial legal system is denying custody to women and giving them to their fathers who have typically "neglected,molested,kidnapped... brainwashed ..." them. The custody system is biased towards men she argues, she attacks the "father's rights" movement, and claims that women and their children have a "natural" right to each other's company. ( Feminists always have it both ways)
This thesis is so incredibly absurd only a person separated from reality could claim that women -- who win custody 94% of the time-- are being discriminated against by an evil male system giving children to molesting fathers.

This woman has a history or publishing and advocating hate aginst men and announcing absurd conspiracy theories of evil men against women.
Dr Helen must be a youn un not to remember the crazy Phyllis Chessler. Consult Women and Madness , from 1972-- learn how male doctors are conspiring to diagnose women with conditions they don't have as part of the evil overarching male conspiracy,

Relegate this woman to the waste -bin where she belongs. She has a history of hate and she should be shunned , not welcomed.

Dr Helen is much too young-- about 25 I would guess from her picture-- to know about the infamous Chessler.

6:00 PM, October 08, 2007  
Blogger Sid said...


You obviously have not read Dr. Helen's blog before.

She is hot. She looks young. But she is also intellectually mature. That you disagree will not cause her to stamp her feet and pout. She most likely research the substance of your remarks and respond accordingly.

I have a suggestion. Actually two. First suggestion, never judge a book by its cover. Second suggestion, decaf.

10:22 PM, October 08, 2007  
Blogger rick said...

etahasgard is right. I've only read one of Chesler's works, but that was enough. Mothers on Trial is easily the most hate-filled, twisted rubbish I've read from an alleged "mainstream" author.

11:12 PM, October 08, 2007  
Blogger Helen said...


You are right, that I have not read all of Chesler's books, just the "Death of Feminism" that I believe was written in 2005. I think some of her positions have changed, she states starting around 2003 when she saw herself being ostracized from other feminists. Take a look at her response in an interview with National Review online:

What do you mean by "women's studies has been taken over by totalitarian thinkers?"

Chesler: The kind of closed-minded "political correctness" which I have just described above is typical of groupthink and totalitarian thinking. If someone thinks for herself in an independent and creative way and dares to come up with non-party-line conclusions, she or he is then, in classic Orwellian style, deemed the enemy, a traitor, a non-person. Their work will not be read or discussed. They will not be invited to debate or to debate in a civilized and honorable way. They will be called a "racist" and a "neoconservative."

I admire that she was able to change some of her positions, that she stands up for America and Israel and understands that feminism today is synonymous with "hacks for the Democratic Party." All I did was wish her well, I didn't pledge my undying devotion.

6:28 AM, October 09, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps a holding pattern is due here. While confused at this time, I'll wait this one out a while, and take a look see at what she says.

6:34 AM, October 09, 2007  
Blogger Helen said...


I think that's a good idea. I look forward to seeing what she has to say and by all means, disagreeing if as commenters say, she is anti-male.

6:54 AM, October 09, 2007  
Blogger Oligonicella said...

etahasgard1986 --

Anorexia is a genetic, biologically based life- threatening disorder and "societal pressures" ( from men or women themselves as they compete with each other) have ZERO to do with it. Its mindless pap. Same with depression.

Bullshit. My daughter started down that path and was diverted. Give some sort of cite, chum.

7:13 AM, October 09, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one can stop the He-Man Woman-Haters Club!

11:00 AM, October 09, 2007  
Blogger Chris said...

Women are stupid.

They shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Women only care about themselves.

Many of the problems men deal with today are the fault of women.

This is your intellectual addition to this discussion?

I'm absolutely amazed people write the tripe I'm reading in some of the comments here, especially while criticizing women of being unthinking and emotional. Helen, as a guy, I wish you'd moderate some of it. Or at least respond to it, give a little sane feedback and peer pressure, just as you do to women. This kind of 'dialog' isn't productive to either side, quite the contrary. :(

To you "men": take some pride in solving your own problems.

Complaining about an incident in divorce court is one thing, there are true victim cases there. But we're far from helpless in society, and don't pretend otherwise. Our problems with women are as much our fault (collectively, not individually) as theirs. Think of all the judges, juries, lawmakers, TV execs, social commentators, journalists -- men are huge components in each.

Set your head straight, talk rationally with rational people, and slowly this will turn itself around.

2:24 PM, October 09, 2007  
Blogger serket said...

Helen, have you read: "The New Anti-Semitism. The Current Crisis and What We Must Do About It"?

etahasgard1986: Dr Helen is much too young-- about 25 I would guess from her picture-- to know about the infamous Chessler.

She'll probably be partially flattered by that statement, but she is about 45.

4:18 PM, October 09, 2007  
Blogger Glenn said...


I haven't read it but would like to at some point. BTW, I doubt I look 25--and don't really care to.

5:30 PM, October 09, 2007  
Blogger Helen said...


Sorry, I'm at the airport using Glenn's computer and didn't change the account to my name. I'm sitting in Knoxville trying to get to NYC but the flights are delayed (of course!) so wish me luck. Maybe I should live blog people's phone conversations. Some are pretty amusing.

5:34 PM, October 09, 2007  
Blogger Richard said...

Pajama Media is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

5:54 AM, October 10, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a tangent - while flying is the way to go, traveling beyond say 300 miles one way, has become such a pain.

The TSA is undermanned, and manned by people who seem to hate what they are doing, unless kinky. My articles of clothing are always in disarray when I open my suitcase. Sweet revenge there, is someone having to rifle through my dirty underwear on the return trip.

The extra billions it is costing this country to support the TSA's function is larger than the gross national product of most of the nations of the world. The fancy x-ray machines alone, in EVERY airport, that seem to be replaced with updated models almost constantly - with the majority of them sitting idle most of the time - is mind boggling. The amount of shampoo, toothpaste, nail clippers, and God knows what else that gets thrown away every day would fill a land fill in short order. But try to find a 3 ounce or less bottle of any of those toiletries to take on a trip. In my case, a pocket knife I've carried since Boy Scouts as a pre-teen, and forgot to leave home one day was confiscated and thrown away. Hell, part of me went into that trash can. Even if Al-Queida is destroyed completely, TSA, being a Gov't agency, is here to stay.

Sorry, Dr. Helen. As soon as I read the word "airport", it was all over.

7:05 AM, October 10, 2007  
Blogger Helen said...


My favorite hair product was just taken as it looked over 3 oz. My hair is now a frizzy mess--thanks to Delta. Oh well, could be worse. At least I just made it to NYC--had to get a morning flight because the night ones were canceled. Oh, and I always get the joy of a full body search because of my ICD and that can take awhile. Other than that, the flight was fine.

10:00 AM, October 10, 2007  
Blogger Cham said...

The work-around on the shampoo-conditioner situation is multiple 3 oz. bottles. You can take up to a quart of liquid as long as it subdivided in 3 oz. containers. Save the empties from the hotel, most of them are clearly marked 3 oz.

We learn this morning that Noah Gotbaum, husband of Phoenix airport rascal Carol Gotbaum, felt that his wife could have been subdued with a hug rather than being handcuffed and apprehended by the TSA after this alcoholic allegedly went on a short bender at the airport bar and then had a physical tantrum. As much as I dislike the TSA, I am glad they do the job they do. Unlike Mr. Gotbaum, I don't expect them to provide hugs.

10:32 AM, October 10, 2007  
Blogger Dr. Ellen said...

As Glenn and Helen suggest, looking young is not an unmixed blessing. I look quite a lot younger than I am, and in consequence, people expect me to have a lot more energy, stamina, and strength than I can provide.

11:31 AM, October 10, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's sad we have to go to all that trouble, cham - and ridiculous. Most don't, and just purchase (and throw away before the return flight) their needs again afterwards. It costs the citizenry twice, as usual.

How many people are going to stand there and fill tiny 3 ounce bottles with those little teeny, tiny holes....hell, I can't even finish the sentence, I'm vibrating just thinking about it.

12:59 PM, October 10, 2007  
Blogger Mercurior said...

being me, i can see the good points to dr cheslers articles.

yet isnt it the way of humanity to change, to alter and adapt their ideas to fit in with a modern world.

yet saying this, i do sense a pro woman bias in her words.

any feminist organisation, is there to create more problems for them to "solve". because i have never seen any organisation voluntarily destroy themselves once their task is done.

she mentions female genital mutilation in one of her posts, which i agree is a travesty and anyone who agrees with it is just dense, However.. male genital mutilation, its not talked about, (if its done for religous reasons thats better)yet male circumcision thats ok..

6:22 AM, October 11, 2007  
Blogger etahasgard1986 said...

There is No analogy between so called "female circumcision" and " male circumcision" other than they are both bizarre social practices that have no medical basis whatever.
To be brief, the wierd practice of nonconsensual removal of the foreskin of weeks old boys is not, or not seriously, disfiguring or disabling. It is not very common in Europe and is declining in the US. No one should compel another to have any type of cosmetic , optional surgery-- and there are 'accidents" were the penis is destroyed or disfigured, though they are very uncommon. Why mothers want to do this is odd-- one I read said it "looks better". A woman I knew years ago said she did not want him to look different from everyone else. If I were the parent of a baby boy, I would find it odd indeed to have surgery on his sex organs for cosmetic reasons. Consult UTUBE if you want to watch this procedure-- historically done without anaesthesia.
"Female circumcision" is a misnomer-- there are three types of progressively severe mutiliation -- mutiliation. Types 2 and 3 are total mutiliations , destroying sexual organs. Its nothing like male circumcision. It is endemic in many countries as a female "coming of age ritual" I believe. Some of the more primitive cultures also mutilate and deform boys genitals as a rite of passage, but its not destruction etc.
Men's rights groups are right that male circumcision may be unethical-- because it is performed without consent and for cosmetic reasons. But its not even clost to the brutal things done to girls genitals and its very weird to suggest a parallel.
Stopping this horrific practice ? Its culturally sanctioned-- and obligatory-- and performed by adult women on these poor girls. How you intervene in another society and tell them to alter their cultural practices is a tough one.
Perhaps link its abolition to foreign aid for the country. That this goes on anywhere is a moral issue for everyone.

Elwood P. Suggins
Home for the Criminally Insane
Meridian, MS-
Home of Steve Forbert,
Peavey Electronics ( speakers, amps, guitars, Van Halen's)
The Father of Country Music Jimmy Rodgers,
and Sela Ward,
who I went to high school with and my brother dated and he says she definitely had some work done up top on Sisters)

6:57 AM, October 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Drudge Report is my home page. On both my work and home computers.

I just opened Firefox and up popped the Drudge Report with a photo.

Al Gore is such a dick.

4:11 PM, October 12, 2007  
Blogger michael i said...

I've read Death of Feminism and Phyllis Chesler's gripe is merely part of an intramural battle within the feminist camp. Missing from that book is the admission that feminism has long been totalitarian, especially the for the feminists of Chesler's heyday. No time at all is necessary for those of us who were aware of current events in the 1960s and '70s to recall examples of leading feminists insisting that all women must work outside the home, take on men's roles, plop babies into group care, and every woman must conform to the feminist Sisterhood or be labeled "a man in drag." Very totalitarian.

Also missing from Phyllis Chesler's works of late is the huge apology she owes to men for her past acts of unjust disparagement and vicious misandry. I can excuse etahasgard1986 for losing one's cool when recalling Chesler's past crimes against men. I've read her earlier stuff too. It's that horrible.

"Bugs" merely displayed ignorance of Chesler's body of work in support of an especially vile man-hating. As for Chris, I'll generously assume that Chris's remarks are an attempt to respond with parody to an earlier comment that has since been deleted. Trying to blame men collectively for any part of feminist excesses was cute of Chris but in a very unfunny way. What Chris has done was to damn men for being generous to women rather than lay the blame on feminists who exploited that generosity. (One never hears of "female chivalry", does one?)

4:59 AM, October 15, 2007  
Blogger Richard said...

The post right before this one links to a piece on the false recovered memory movement, a clearly evil cause that Chesler supported, and this one boosts Chesler.

The juxtaposition would be funny if it weren't for the damage that people like the unrepentant Chesler have done to people's lives.

12:47 PM, October 15, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:12 AM, April 06, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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