Monday, November 07, 2011

Why was Sharon Bialek Fired?

After reading the news and watching the videos of Sharon Bialek, the Herman Cain accuser, I noticed that many of the articles mentioned that Bialek was fired or let go " from the NRA’s educational foundation." However, none of them mentioned why. Being let go or fired is more serious than simply being laid off. I wonder why there is no mention of the reason she was fired? This might give more insight into her character and whether she is a trustworthy person or not. Why was she fired? Does anyone know or has anyone seen a report as to what happened with her job in the summer of 1997? Here is more from the New York Times:
Ms. Bialek said she first met Mr. Cain during her time at the association’s Chicago office, when he sat next to her at a dinner during one of the group’s conventions. He later invited her and her boyfriend to an after-party in his hotel suite, she said.

But the alleged harassment did not occur until after she was fired, she said. Sue Hensley, a spokeswoman with the restaurant association confirmed that “Sharon Bialek was employed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation from 12/30/96 – 6/20/97.”

She didn't work there long, I wonder what happened?



Blogger Zorro said...

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5:24 PM, November 07, 2011  
Blogger Zorro said...

sniff sniff
Big. Commie. Rat.

5:25 PM, November 07, 2011  
Blogger Larry Sheldon said...

Almost as interesting as "Who is paying Gloria Allred? How much?"

(She won't drink your coffee for free.)

8:43 PM, November 07, 2011  
Blogger Misanthrope said...

Fastest way to know that an accusation from someone is false? They get Gloria Allred to represent them.

9:56 PM, November 07, 2011  
Blogger Larry Sheldon said...

"Fastest way to know that an accusation from someone is false?
They get Gloria Allred to represent them.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

I want to know who is paying her and how much.

She won't drink your coffee for free.

10:23 PM, November 07, 2011  
Blogger Suzanne Lucas said...

There is no legal reason why the National Restaurant Association can't disclose why she was fired in the first place unless they've entered into a contract with her. If they did, then her coming forth undoubtedly violates that contract and it would be null and void.

Contrary to popular opinion, companies are free to give bad references and to disclose salary, reason for termination and performance information. What they cannot do is lie.

4:44 AM, November 08, 2011  
Blogger Ern said...

Whatever she did, it must have been truly egregious; it's nearly impossible to fire anybody but a non-Hispanic white or Asian heterosexual male.

8:40 AM, November 08, 2011  
Blogger Travis said...

It would also be prudent to ask: Why hasn't she been able to maintain employment since being fired?

...I'll wager that the two questions are intrinsically linked.

10:05 AM, November 08, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bialek ain't wrapped tight, and Allred is self promoting. That's pretty clear. There are a few places to see and hear about Bialek's glowing history.

9:03 PM, November 08, 2011  

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