Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Blogger Update

So my blog was down for the day after my password was changed and now it seems to be working. I have to say that the engineers and support at Blogger have been terrific in helping me access my blog and I have been very impressed with the service! That said, I probably do need to move to a different site at some point as this blog grows in posts and becomes more difficult to move.


Blogger Emile said...

I had wondered what happened to you. You were just suddenly gone.

11:40 PM, July 06, 2011  
Blogger Dave said...

Legal Insurrection has already moved, and Ann Althouse has a move in the works. They probably could offer some good advice on moving.

10:55 AM, July 07, 2011  
Blogger Unknown said...

Start pulling your comment base down to your machine now.

12:14 PM, July 07, 2011  

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