Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Blogger Unknown said...

First I am a male and I find to me looks are more like a filter. Kinda like the little height stand at the entrance to a roller coaster. You must be this beautiful to garner dating status.

Now I don't really hold my standards very high so a good number of women fall into this category. However, over a certain size I am no longer interested. You could be friend material but not mate. I need to be able to feel a little lust in the loins every now and then. If you can't get that in the dating phase then there is no point.

However, I don't care how good looking you are, if you are a horrible person then screw you. I give little latitude on the personality even if you are good looking. Might stay for a short time but I would be looking elsewhere. Surely would not marry.

Personality counts for a lot and would go for a plainer woman over a prettier one if the right personality metrics are met. But both women still need to pass through the original filter first.

2:51 PM, November 02, 2010  
Blogger TMink said...

Confidence and a sense of well being help a lot too. Nobody healty wants a mate with serious self esteem issues, they are a drag. And confidence is an aphrodisiac for most people.


9:58 AM, November 03, 2010  

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