Monday, May 10, 2010

PJTV: Cuban bloggers take Miami

Glenn and I headed to beautiful Miami last week where we hung out with incredibly cool and gracious Cuban bloggers from the Babalu blog. They took us to a cigar factory/bar where we talked about blogging, Cuba, living under a dictatorship, the useful idiots in Che Guevara t-shirts, and why it is so important that the US not head in that direction. I love the smell of cigar smoke and am tempted to smoke a cigar....

You can watch the interview here.

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Blogger TMink said...

I too am tempted to smoke cigars Helen. I gave in to that temptation twice yesterday. I wish I had a chance to give in today, but that is unlikely.

With a week off work taking care of the house after the flood, I got to smoke a lot of cigars, and even in my own house!

Like Mark Twain, I smoke cigars in moderation: one at a time.


2:14 PM, May 10, 2010  
Blogger Helen said...


I love the smell of cigar smoke but I have never smoked a cigar or cigarette. Probably just as well but they smell amazing.

2:32 PM, May 10, 2010  
Blogger TMink said...

I wish I had never smoked a cigarette. Those were very, very difficult for me to stop. But I do not smoke cigars most days and really do not miss them when I abstain. Cigarettes were not at all like that for me.


2:55 PM, May 10, 2010  
Blogger Val Prieto said...

It was indeed a pleasure meeting you and Glenn, Helen. You guys are awesome. Please let me know when you are back in town, we'll plan a small Cuban shindig.

And of course, thank you for the support and the wonderful interview.

3:27 PM, May 10, 2010  
Blogger Topher said...

Paging Dr Alistair...I'd like to find out more about NLP. Couldn't find an email address on your profile.

5:13 PM, May 10, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Google people like Richard Bandler. Get it from the source, not fifth-hand.

5:53 PM, May 10, 2010  
Blogger Topher said...


Thanks. I wouldn't have known that name, which is why I tried to ask Dr. A who had mentioned NLP in comments.

7:04 PM, May 10, 2010  
Blogger Unknown said...

Dr. Helen:
Try a small pipe with select tobacco - vastly greater selection or get a pipe smoker to smoke up for you!
Try an aromatic cavendish first perhaps!

9:20 PM, May 10, 2010  
Blogger Topher said...

Pardon my hijack, here's an article about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's high school:

"It started in seventh grade, we had to pass a test to get in, and once we were there, our teachers made it clear they expected us to live up to our potential."

""Our teachers encouraged us to speak up, say what was on our minds and not be shackled or intimidated by having boys in the class, or feel as if we had to worry about our looks," said Dr. Beth Schorr-Lesnick, a gastroenterologist and president of Elena's class. "Math and science were just as important as social studies and English.""

""The things that preoccupied even very smart teenage girls — pop music and fashion — were not terribly interesting to her,""

I have no complaint.

Teaching young women to argue rationally and be self-reliant with skills they can sell in the marketplace is a great antidote to the entitlement that is sweeping the nation. They learn what it's like to lose, how to let go of things and how to negotiate for a limited resource with the understanding nobody is going to get everything they want. I would be happy with society if the other half basically accepted you can't have it all and you can't have it both ways whenever it's convenient for you.

11:45 AM, May 11, 2010  
Blogger Amy Alkon said...

Love the smell of cigar smoke, too. You look great with a cigar!

10:59 AM, May 15, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For many smokers, a substantial part of the enjoyment is smoking near people who hate the smell.

5:02 PM, May 15, 2010  

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