Saturday, May 08, 2010

Amy Alkon on the "Sausage Lesson": I want to send a team in to rescue this woman's husband, but I suspect he's suffering from the pussywhipped version of Stockholm Syndrome, and would cling to his abuser.

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Blogger Topher said...

Not really related to the post, but of interest to the readers. Just read a Yahoo story about the Lawrence Taylor statutory-rape case (summary: Taylor hired a hooker and the pimp told him she was 19 when she was really 16).

It is clear to those that know Taylor's story that he is an exceedingly ego-driven athlete who has had a lot of trouble keeping his pleasures of the flesh in order (he relished being possibly the best athlete in the game and was a cocaine addict in his late playing days).

So one of the commentors has some very productive, useful advice for Taylor: lecture him that "real men don't use prostitutes."

"doesn't matter if he paid for it or not, he is 51 yrs old, he should know better. if LT thought she was 19, he should have said no. A real man doesn't pay for a prostitute. A real man gets married and stays with his wife, or girlfriend, or a woman closer to his age. A real man knows right from wrong and has morals. Plus LT will forever be known as a football hero. Well that was before he raped the girl, and got in trouble for drugs. He has an image to uphold. He should learn, Some role model he is."

All the textbook markings - shaming language, presumption of guilt, denigration of his professional accomplishments. I like the backtracking: "he should stay his wife, or maybe his girlfriend...or whatever, a chick closer to his age."

By the picture, this is clearly a young white woman, so she can probably be forgiven for not understanding Taylor or the fact he's never marketed himself as any substantive "role model." It's easy, and I will do so, for me to stereotype this commentor as a bushy-tailed veteran of a couple of diversity awareness courses and a healthy dose of you-go-girl, and now feels qualified to lecture in absentia a man twice her age who has done more in his field than she ever will in whatever field she is in, and frankly wouldn't give two sh**s what she had to say even if she did.

On the other hand, the comment below that one is disgusting and will not be discussed to avoid giving it undue attention.

5:05 PM, May 08, 2010  
Blogger Topher said...


5:07 PM, May 08, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I chortled over the Real Man stuff!
In fact, what is being said is that many many men, married or not, go to prostitutes for a variety of reasons and simply stating that they are not real men is merely saying that such acts are not the things that you would do.

As for the video: if he allows this or wants this sort of relationship and it works for them, then that is really their is all to easy to tell others that how they live their lives is incorrect when they are not breaking any laws and are doing something by consent.

6:17 PM, May 08, 2010  
Blogger Drew said...

The weird thing about the video is that the guy doesn't look like that much of a wuss. He doesn't appear particularly defeated. The woman, meanwhile, clearly feels a bit superior to her husband. But nonetheless, she looks like she's straining to appear dominant -- and not really succeeding.

I think the guy is mainly just humoring her, probably because he knows that her book sales are bringing in some extra money for the family. The guy is subtly smiling throughout most of the video and shows only minor annoyance at the situation.

8:42 PM, May 08, 2010  
Blogger JBL said...

It has been said that when men hire a prostitute, they are not paying for sex. They are paying her to go away after the sex.

When you consider the high price of divorce (especially for a professional athlete), prostitution makes a lot of sense. I bet Dwayne Wade is wishing he'd just paid for a little bit of the milk, right now, instead of buying the entire cow.

12:18 AM, May 09, 2010  
Blogger Chuck Pelto said...

TO: Dr. Helen
RE: Exqueeze Me, But....

....what does Alkon's article have to do with "sausage"?

The article I see going to the link deals with Mother's Day. However, down the hall from there IS the use of the word 'sausage'. Albeit not anything like this 'sausage' found in Iron Man 2.

I believe you beat Alkon to the 'punch' on the topic in which she addressses 'sausage' on her little corner of the blogosphere.

Kudos to you....


[She who hesitates loses to she who opens her mouth first.]

4:17 PM, May 09, 2010  
Blogger Peregrine John said...

Corrected linkitude here.

12:36 PM, May 10, 2010  
Blogger Chuck Pelto said...

TO: Peregrine John
RE: Corrected Linkage


It's as I thought, Dr. Helen had already discussed this item.


[She who hesitates is sometimes saved.]

6:33 AM, May 11, 2010  

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