Friday, September 25, 2009

PJTV: Interviewing the Founders of Smart Girl Politics

I interviewed Stacy Mott & Terri Christoph, the founders of Smart Girl Politics. Instead of shouting at the TV, they decided to get their views heard via Twitter and the social networking sites and have picked up 20,000 members to their cause. Meet them and some of their members in this interview at PJTV.

You can see the interview here.

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Blogger Jeff Y said...

I still don't understand why women need special places for political advocacy. When we need to build broad coalitions, how does a strategy of women only advocacy work? Why do women want to be simultaneously included and excluded?

I still don't get it, but I don't want to be too strident either. The ladies here are advocating for policies I mostly agree with.

1:12 PM, September 25, 2009  
Blogger MarkyMark said...


This is all well & good, but I don't see this as being anything to crow about. Women, with their need and desire for safety and security, will ALWAYS vote for a more activist, more collectivist government. This is especially true while they're single. During the last election, 70% of single women voted for Obama. I don't see women comprising anything more than a minority of the conservative base...


4:59 PM, September 27, 2009  

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