Saturday, May 30, 2009

Book review video on "You Still Don't Understand"

Bernard Chapin has a great video on Richard Driscolls's book, You Still Don't Understand:Typical Differences between Men and Women.

You can watch it here.


Blogger Trust said...

I do find it amusing that feminists (and many women who think they are feminists, i.e., ones that mistakenly support the movement thinking it is about women's rights, which it is not), will bemoan that "there are no good men left" and tell men to "man up" while at the same time they support legislation, litigation, indoctrination, lawsuits, protests, marches, etc., against anything masculine (even if chivilrous). Worse, the very men most women condemn the most are typically the ones they are the quickest to get it on with.

Would literally be the equivalent of men complaining that women are not modest and lady like, while regularly taking the very women they complain about on expensive dates and vacations whenever they wanted and telling the nicer more respectable women that they were scum.

Personally, I suspect Gloria Steinham is a secret agent for predatory, promiscuous men. As for the decent men, what are they to think when women, between their skirt lifting for scumbags on demand, tell decent men to "come closer, don't be intimidated by a strong woman" while firing a blowtorch at their face.

10:15 AM, May 31, 2009  
Blogger Omnibabe said...

Just finished the book. It explained exactly why my parents' marriage was so strong and why my own fell apart.

It's going straight on my "keeper" bookshelf.

1:07 AM, June 06, 2009  

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