Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PJTV Tea Party Coverage of Knoxville


Blogger Parker Smith said...

If registration is required for a link, you should note that.

And many people don't like such links, unless they are REALLY special...

9:24 AM, April 16, 2009  
Blogger Helen said...

Parker Smith,

Registration was not required when I put up the link yesterday. It now is.

9:59 AM, April 16, 2009  
Blogger michaele said...

Hi, there, saw you and your hubby working away at the Knoxville Tea party. I was really disappointed that our Blount County paper used an AP compilation story as their "coverage" of the event as there was no specific mention of the Knoxville gathering. I called the managing editor this morning to express my deep disappointment that a staff reporter wasn't assigned to cover the story. The editor bemoaned about staff cut backs and the fact that they pay AP $100,000 a year so they like to get their money's worth. After I hung up, it crossed my mind that I should have suggested they contact you and your husband and Pajama's Media to see if your content was available for purchase.

10:39 PM, April 17, 2009  
Blogger Helen said...

Hi michaele,

You should have come up and let us interview you! We were having some trouble with our equipment for a while but it all worked out. I was disappointed with the lack of coverage although the News-Sentinel did a front page story which was good, though they said there were only 1700 people there and from what I saw, it certainly looked like more.

9:31 AM, April 18, 2009  

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