Friday, September 14, 2007

"So the only reason why these kids are getting knocked up is due to laziness!"

So says the Angry Pharmacist, in response to a 14-year-old girl and her parents coming into his pharmacy for her prenatal vitamins. If you are easily offended, do not go to this blog--but his rants are something to behold.


Blogger Don Surber said...

He is a hoot. I'd never gho to his pharmacy, though.

8:25 AM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger Cham said...

The guy has a right to his opinion, and a right to put it on the Internet. As a pharmacist he has to fill whatever prescription that he receives. But I think it is sad that an educated pharmacist has had his head in the sand about teen pregnancy and why it is so prevalent. The challenge is complex and doesn't have much to do with laziness. It has much more to do with little girls who want someone to love them, older boys who pressure younger girls for sex, odd messages from the media regarding sexual power and less-than-stellar parenting. The pharmacist should spend less time posting on the Internet and more time reading it.

8:31 AM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger N/A said...

I agree with him, largely. This sort of thing isn't supposed to happen in today's sex-ed world, right? Isn't that how it's supposed to work? My taxes pay to keep the kids in rubbers and spermicide, and teen pregnancy goes away. That was the deal.

The girl had easy access to literature and contraception. She probably sees safe sex PSAs on TV all day long-- especially if she's watching the MTV. (Of course, those PSAs are probably negated by the content that surrounds them)

If the contracteption failed, it's likely due to improper use, which means somebody didn't read the instructions or pay attention in health class.

This isn't to let her parents off the hook. Any parents that are thrilled to have a 14 year old produce their grandchild are obviously not providing the kind of support a 14 year old needs to not "screw the pooch in the life department," as the AP so piquantly put it.

The bottom line is that this was 100% preventable, and a lot of failures got this girl knocked up. I'd say the Angry Pharmacist has every right to be irked by that.

9:28 AM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger technochitlin said...

W00t! That rant was vintage, and I basically agree. I would use him as a pharmacist....

10:53 AM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger Cham said...

Greg, which tax-based program do you refer that hands out rubbers and spermicide to children? I'm all ears.

11:01 AM, September 14, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, he said they were either lazy or stupid.

I'd use him as a pharmacist without hesitation.

11:10 AM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger BobH said...

The scary thing is the neither the girl nor her parents seemed terribly embarrassed by the situation, meaning that they didn't seen to think that there was much WRONG with it. That's scary.

As for the rant itself, my eyes glazed over after about two paragraphs. He/she/it needs to become a more economical, writer.

And, Cham, no, the challenge is not complex. It's just that the solutions aren't very pleasant.

1:15 PM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger Unknown said...

"The pharmacist should spend less time posting on the Internet and more time reading it."

Pot -- kettle. He covered every point you made except the vauge 'old messages' bit. Did you in fact read the article?

1:24 PM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger Serket said...

I didn't read the post so I'm not sure of his point. I think teen pregnancy is mainly due to lazy parents and teens who do not understand why sex should wait.

2:09 PM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger Helen said...


I think the angry pharmacist means that kids get pregnant because they are too lazy to get birth control.

2:13 PM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger Joe said...

I'm still amazed at how many of my [now 19-year-old] daughter's friends got pregnant out of wedlock. For at least one, it was deliberate "mistake." I'll give the rest the benefit of the doubt, but they're still dumbasses. The oddest being the girl who helped persuade my daughter into going on pill (which she should have done anyway since her periods were always inconsistent--turns out she wasn't sexually active, but it was still the right move to make.)

Everyone one of these girls and guys knew about birth control and had access to it. I would have even bought then condoms if they'd asked.

Stopping kids from having sex is complicated. Stopping kids from getting pregnant isn't.

2:14 PM, September 14, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, look, a rant blog. How nice.

2:38 PM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger Cham said...

old messages?

2:57 PM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger David Foster said...

There was a very strange article somewhere recently about girls who deliberately get pregnant during their last year in high they won't have to go to college! Apparently, parental expectations for college attendance are so strong that these girls believe their parents will be less upset by the pregnancy than by a refusal to pursue higher education.

Can this be for real? Has anyone heard of such a thing?

4:48 PM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger Elusive Wapiti said...

"...older boys who pressure younger girls for sex..."

How Victorian. As if those younger girls don't want sex themselves.

"Greg, which tax-based program do you refer that hands out rubbers and spermicide to children? I'm all ears"

Try here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

5:03 PM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger 64 said...

I know there's too much media to fight these days, but a simple message, repeated from a young age and repeated consistently would reduce teenage pregnancy. That message is: Close your legs. The fastest way to a life in poverty? Open your legs.

When the kids get around age 12 or so, get them involved in afterschool activities, find them a job, or make sure one parent is home after school. Obviously, from the last piece of advice, it's easy to see how single motherhood becomes a cycle.

5:39 PM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger Unknown said...

cham --

Cute. Obviously an overlooked typo of mine. Your post wasn't so overly long that you couldn't figure that out.

But, since you require it - odd messages. What odd and how odd?

5:40 PM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger Dragon Hawk said...

I fear I must side with Angry Pharmacist. I attended Evil Ignorant Old Catholic school in the 80s, and we were taught all about birth control in health class there. So it's hard for me to have much sympathy for girls today that get pregnant, despite the national non-stop dialogue about safe sex.

He's right. The baby and the girl are almost certainly going to have crappy lives. The "grandparents" are morons for their slappy happy attitude. But maybe we don't know the whole story. I can wish upon a star that they are going to give the baby up for adoption.

6:05 PM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger Bruce Hayden said...

I am thinking of one of Helen's later posts about the liberal/conservative study and how maybe conservatives sometimes see more complexity.

So, in partial defense of some of these girls, one thing that does go on esp. in Middle School, but also into High School, is denial. The girls are "good girls" who don't think of themselves as sexually active. But then they binge drink or do some drugs, and get seduced. So, they can justify their having sex through the alcohol, etc., and can still think of themselves as "good girls".

Yes, that means that they are engaging in a lot of denial and other questionable thinking and behavior, but why should we be surprised? Anyone who has lived with kids that age knows that their thought processes are not nearly completely formed.

My answer to this won't work with many girls, but does with some, and that is to emphasize to them that the binge drinking and the like is not an excuse to do what they deep down want to do, but rather, the difference between the girls who just have sex and those who have to get drunk first, is that while the former are just sluts, the later are stupid sluts.

I am thankful though that the teenagers in question really don't want to be laughed at for their stupidity, and so steer away from both alcohol and sex.

10:30 AM, September 15, 2007  
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