Monday, May 31, 2010

Right Wing News compares the Liberal reaction to the Conservative reaction to the Israel/Flotilla story.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tight wingers, and that includes Jews, continue to support Israel. Lefties feel sorry for the oppressed, which they view as the Palestinians.
My view: Israel had announced that it would allow the relief ships in but they had to be screened. The Ship people said No and ran the blockade.

Now We have Turkey announcing it will put military personnel on relief ships to bring stuff the Gaza...but that might constitute a
While this goes on:
Syria sending Hezbollah many many rocket into Lebanon. Am sending a nuke sub into Straits of Hermuz. Iran (general tells us) actually training Taliban. Saudi it turns out continuing massive financially support of terrorists.Israel on alert.
Al Jazeerra had YouTube in which (prior to the comando assault) people on the boat singing songs about Intifada. Close up video now online shows Israel being tossed overboard into the sea.

8:45 PM, May 31, 2010  
Blogger Demonspawn said...

I've heard all kinds of debate, but it really boils down to a single and simple point:

Israel is a sovereign nation.

As a sovereign nation, Israel has the right to inspect ships docking at it's ports.
This ship attempted to dock without inspection.
At this point, Israel is full within it's rights to sink the ship with all hands (and supplies) lost.
Instead, Israel decides to take the ship and force inspection.

If you believe in a nation's right to be sovereign, then you support Israel's actions.

If you don't... well I don't have much more to say than get the hell out of my country and go infest your ideas elsewhere.

5:14 PM, June 01, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Much as I am fully aware that the Israelis are perfectly capable of being dickheads like the rest of humanity, I am nonetheless biased in their favor. Having lived in the Middle East for some years, I marvel at the fact that an itsy-bitsy little strip of land with a population of Jews and others has survived for over 50 years right in the middle of millions and millions and millions of Muslims, every last one of whom prays, donates and self-detonates in an effort to kill those same Jews.

The Jews remain, go on about their business, win more Nobel Prizes than any other identifiable demographic group and contribute to music, literature, science and comedy, the four pillars of great civilizations worldwide.

The Muslims whine, curse the Jews, insisting that Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs, and blame the Jews for everything, and never, ever, not even once pausing to consider that they alone are responsible for holding tightly to LAST PLACE in the human race and never letting anyone else take that honor from them.

So excuse me if I tend to give Israel a complete pass whenever a ship filled with terrorist sympathizers fucks with them. Life in the IDF can drag on sometimes, and things like this help to break up the day. The US Army has the USO. Bob Hope may be dead, but Brooke Shields lives on. The IDF has to occasionally improvise for their amusements, and damn the UN pussies and cheese-eaters if they don't have a sense of irony.

3:19 AM, June 05, 2010  

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