Monday, May 31, 2010

Jeff Dunetz at Big Government: “How can a Jew not be politically conservative?”


Blogger Bob Sorensen said...

Mark Levin wonders the same thing.

4:28 PM, May 31, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clearly wrong since Jews in large numbers vote Democratic tickets.

5:27 PM, May 31, 2010  
Blogger gefillmore said...

I never could understand the concept of a liberal Jew-
you are talking about someone who would agree with the views of a carter (I think he must had some kind of thing going on with yassar arafat) and obama and anyone of that ilk-
don't the liberals pretty much agree with the palestinians and the hezbollah etc?-
aren't quite a large number of arabs determined to exterminate the Jew?-
please, someone educate me; I'm willing to listen-

6:37 PM, May 31, 2010  
Blogger Helen said...


I think much of it is cultural. Many Jews associate Christians with the Republicans and wrongly assume that they are against them. Democrats, being more atheists, etc. are "for them." Times have changed and Christians seem to be much more supportive of Israel. Unfortunately, Jews seem to be poor at seeing when the political tides have changed and cling to the false notion that as long as they are with the Democrats, they are safe. The same type of Jews probably thought it was safe to go along with the Germans too.

6:47 AM, June 01, 2010  
Blogger Ralph said...

I agree with Helen. There were Jews who had converted to Protestantism but were still considered Jewish by WWII German govt. I have noticed that Jews are not usually concerned with abortion either, if anything are pro choice, so that would be another division between dem/rep.

In thinking about WWII, one of the strongest voices in Germany against NAZI rule was the Lutheran minister Bonhoeffer.

Einstein left Germany early because he saw the handwriting on the wall, so not all Jews thought Hitler was a passing phase.

3:05 PM, June 01, 2010  

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