Monday, December 21, 2009

I was saddened to hear that Brittany Murphy died of an apparent heart attack at 32. RIP.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect drug use. She was recently fired from a movie set for being "a detriment to production".

Supposedly she would lose focus mid-sentence while filming, and would go in and out of consciousness between takes.

10:09 AM, December 21, 2009  
Blogger Unknown said...


you presume too much. There was also report she was diabetic. Poorly controlled blood sugar or improper insulin dosing can also produce the same symptoms.

Cast the first stone, and whatnot.

12:31 PM, December 21, 2009  
Blogger Cham said...

I have no clue how Ms. Murphy died, but I would be happier with a slightly more detailed explanation than "natural causes".

12:38 PM, December 21, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cast the first stone, and whatnot.

I was merely suggesting a cause of death, not judging her. I had not read any reports that she was diabetic.

I've seen insulin delirium before, but usually it's because the person was undiagnosed or because they outright refuse treatment (like a Type II who won't lay off the ice cream).

12:46 PM, December 21, 2009  
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12:56 PM, December 21, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is pretty sad. Any problems aside, she seemed like a real sweetie.

4:20 PM, December 21, 2009  
Blogger Larry said...

I've been wondering if she was perhaps anorexic. Another Karen Carpenter story?

5:03 PM, December 21, 2009  
Blogger Joe said...

When someone is dismissed from a movie set, the reasons given quite often have little to do with reality. Hollywood is often more creative with making up excuses than in making up scripts.

* * *

How about Brittany died of a heart attack? It happens. Dr. Helen had a heart attack at a relatively young age. Why must all sorts of nefarious reasons be attached to it?

7:07 PM, December 21, 2009  
Blogger Mario said...

The news is very sad. My guess, based on her sunken-looking eyes and pencil thin limbs, is that she had some kind of eating disorder. Bulimia, for one, will upset your electrolyte imbalance, and your heart is basically an electrical system.

The other thing I heard is that she was abusing pain killers, which she began taking after plastic surgery. If you put the two together, it sounds like she died of the same thing that killed Michael Jackson.

Here's what really bothers me though. Eating disorders are no laughing matter, and the media had been speculating for a long time that Ms. Murphy may have suffered from them. The pressure in Hollywood on actresses is enormous. But, take a look at what the media did, some years ago, to Ms. Murphy's co-star in Clueless, Alicia Silverstone.

A few years ago, the constant gossip in the media was "Did you hear that Alicia Silverstone is having trouble fitting into her Batgirl costume?" It was just disgusting. I think the poor woman was something like 20 or 21 years old at the time -- and is it really so strange for someone of college age to put on a few pounds?

So, now that Brittany Murphy is dead, I'm sure we'll have the media carrying on about the need to "raise awareness" -- which they'll do by publishing the picture of every other starlet whose skin hangs off her frame. That'll sell magazines for a while. But, as soon as that wears off, they'll be back to "Look at fatso!"

The media can go f*ck itself!

8:46 PM, December 21, 2009  
Blogger BlogDog said...

From what I've been reading, she had become addicted to heroin. That'll make you too thin without any need for anorexia or bulimia.
It's sad but from the looks of things she couldn't deal with her stardom waning.
Pity though that wastrels like Courtney Love can survive personal holocausts while someone like Ms. Murphy (there's an *excellent( remembrance of her on Big Hollywood, BTW) dies while still young and still full of potential.

11:13 PM, December 21, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In hollywood, drugs is "natural causes".

10:48 AM, December 22, 2009  
Blogger Joe said...

Once again, while eating disorders and drug use can cause heart attacks, a fit person who exercises and follows a sound diet can also have heart attacks. In fact, the only reliable predictor of heart attacks is high blood pressure, though most people who have heart attacks had normal blood pressure.

The myth that there are all sorts of indicators of heart attack risk is one of the most dangerous in our society.

1:16 PM, December 22, 2009  

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