Sunday, October 25, 2009

You can now grow a mustache to support Prostate Cancer research (via Instapundit).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read that if a man lives long enough, he will contract prostate cancer. TV commercials have stated one in three will have prostate problems. I can vouch for that. As with almost any cancer, early detection is key to survival.
It's a no brainer. I know people who have died of prostate cancer in their mid forties (friends), and mid sixties (an ex boss) as well as those within those age groups who have survived, with early detection.

Get the poke and prod. Just do it.

8:41 AM, October 25, 2009  
Blogger Doom said...

I have heard that if a man grows a mustache, he might as well start chemically treating his prostate. There are few men who are masculine enough to get away with it, and only for a short time for the most part. Sorry, but old prejudices die hard.

12:52 PM, October 25, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That whizzed right over my head, Doom. Care to elaborate?

3:54 PM, October 25, 2009  
Blogger Doom said...


Well, often with the chemical methods of treatment for prostate enlargement (unless recent revisions have altered that), the medicines might well cause a feminization of features, breast development, and some other awkward side effects. I was, in a round about way, indicating mustaches are, well, a bit queer (in whatever way you might wish to understand that term, though I have a favored, of course).

Something about mustaches has always been an almost automatic lock in my gaydar system. Can you hear me now? *chuckles*

7:20 PM, October 25, 2009  
Blogger Larry J said...

Shaving is an unnatural act, possibly punishable by God. Every day since I was 12 years old, I've needed to shave. Obviously, God wanted me to have hair on my face. So, since the day I got out of the military 17 years ago, I've grown and worn a beard and mustache.

It's those of you "men" out there without facial hair that look rather unmasculine to me. But that's just a personal opinion.

8:48 PM, October 25, 2009  
Blogger Doom said...

No, no, a full beard nullifies the mustache thing. It is only if one wears a mustache only (to me). I do a winter beard and summers clean shaven (give or take). How about long hair on men, then? Well, it is just as natural. I think that is quite effeminate as well, personally (long hair).

12:08 AM, October 26, 2009  
Blogger Ern said...

I already have a mustache (but not a beard, although I'm as straight as they come; I'm not offended, though, Doom). What do I do to support prostate cancer research, other than give money, which I've already done?

10:22 AM, October 26, 2009  
Blogger Dr.Alistair said...

i remember growing a moustache in a failed attempt to have a moustache some years ago. in retrospect it looked gay.

i have an aversion to shaving. sensitive skin and tough beard and so i will go a few days and scruff up as it were, but i will never do the moustache again.

11:15 AM, October 26, 2009  
Blogger Alex said...

A full beard is simply sending a signal to the world that you don't care about personal hygiene and that you really, really, REALLY hate your wife.

1:51 PM, October 26, 2009  
Blogger Larry J said...

My wife prefers me with a beard to not having one. We've been married 26 years so she's seen me without it. As for hygene, that's why they make shampoo. It's amusing to see such an ignorant stereotype expressed here.

7:31 PM, October 26, 2009  
Blogger Alex said...

Funny, Julius Caesar was clean shaven and nobody dares say he wasn't a man's man.

8:09 PM, October 26, 2009  
Blogger d-day said...

I would, because I support prostate cancer research, only I don't think my husband would like it.

2:39 PM, October 27, 2009  
Blogger Larry J said...

Funny, Julius Caesar was clean shaven and nobody dares say he wasn't a man's man.

Yeah, but look at what happend to him. "Et tu, Brute?"

Whether a man chooses to wear a beard, moustache, or not is an individual choice. You're free to disagree and I'm free to ignore you.

5:14 PM, October 27, 2009  

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