Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trudy Schuett in the DC Examiner: Farrah Fawcett's Burning Bed Legacy.



Blogger Cham said...

I watched the TV special last night about Ms. Fawcett's losing fight with cancer. That looked unbelievably painful and gutwrenching. Not only do I feel for her but her son and Ryan O'Neal as well.

8:06 AM, June 27, 2009  
Blogger DADvocate said...

I liked Farrah despite the Burning Bed and her occasional craziness. She seemed to be trying more to build/continue a career than push an agenda.

Unfortunately, "The Burning Bed" helped many women get away with murder. Feminists framed reportedly abusive men as deserving to die without benefit of a judge or jury.

10:18 AM, June 27, 2009  
Blogger tomcal said...

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6:00 PM, June 27, 2009  
Blogger tomcal said...

Was this issue as well known back in 1984? I don't recall and I didn't see the movie.

I do recall having all thoughts and fantasies of lust and infidelity erased from my mind in 1987 when I saw "Fatal Attraction".

6:02 PM, June 27, 2009  

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