Thursday, July 10, 2008

Okay, this is a weird way to go:

A Russian woman in St. Petersburg killed her drunk husband with a folding couch, Russian media reported on Wednesday.

St. Petersburg's Channel Five said the man's wife, upset with her husband for being drunk and refusing to get up, kicked a handle after an argument, activating a mechanism that folds the couch up against a wall.....

The woman then walked out of the room and returned three hours later to check on what she thought was an unusually quiet sleeping husband.

So, the lesson here seems to be if someone is drunk, don't just fold them up in a couch and leave. Seems like it should have been obvious though.


Blogger ProtestShooter said...

I think the message is "don't mess with Russian women."

10:56 AM, July 10, 2008  
Blogger kjbe said...

Nothing's obvious when you're living with a drunk.

I'm guessing she thought he could get out or just be stuck there til she got back.

11:28 AM, July 10, 2008  
Blogger Ken Gross said...

Dr. Helen, I usually just read you blog, but today I saw this:

It is a column that fits in with one of your themes about how males are treated. It is so good I couldn't resist passing it on.

11:35 AM, July 10, 2008  
Blogger Helen said...

Ken Gross,

Thanks for the link.

12:32 PM, July 10, 2008  
Blogger SeaSpray said...

How Awful! Sounds like they had difficult lives.

12:53 PM, July 10, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So does this fit in witht the trend of women using surprise and more lethal means when they attack their husbands?

2:46 PM, July 10, 2008  
Blogger Helen said...


No, I don't think the woman meant to kill him. She was just mad--and her anger led her to do something stupid that led to the husband dying.

I do think, however, if the genders were reversed--the man would have charges pressed against him and/or people would be wondering why they weren't but unless there was some intent to kill, sounds like it was accidental in this case unless there is more to the story.

3:25 PM, July 10, 2008  
Blogger Chuck Pelto said...

TO: All
RE: Sooooo....

....what if a guy had done this to a drunk woman?

6:36 PM, July 10, 2008  
Blogger lovemelikeareptile said...

1. "Protestshooter's comment exemplifies the problem of misandry/gynocentrism -- if a husband had punched his wife out for serving dinner cold (AGAIN), would an acceptable response to such an incident be
" Hey, don't mess with Russian men." ?
Of course not-- that response labels the violence as not only acceptable, but appropriate... and the wife should damn well not serve cold food again( the lazy bitch)... and its even humorous....

2. Gophermomek is equally misandric-- lets mitigate and excuse this "killing".
The male victim is a "drunk" ( nice leap there) and "nothing's obvious when you are living with a drunk".
So lets slime the victim and excuse her behavior !
Maybe the husband who punched his wife after serving his dinner cold says she is a "nagging bitch". Would that make it true? Would that make him hitting her more acceptable ? Is it relevant? Only when women are the perpetrators.
Why is there a need to somehow mitigate her behavior...
and slime the dead male victim..

3. Seaspray continues the misdirection from the facts-- enraged woman kills husband albeit unintentionally (apparently) ...
somehow the issue is deflected to family dynamics-- THEY must have had 'difficult lives"-- eg, her behavior is again rationalized and the victim is implicated in his own death !
Why suppose THEY had "difficult lives"--
We KNOW she had a problem with anger and violence.
Why is women's violence against men always blamed on the male victim -- either directly or indirectly ?

4. Helen-- she may not have intended to kill him but she intentionally acted to forcefully fold the bed into the wall while he was in the bed, which killed him.
Thats manslaughter all the way. She may not have intended to kill him but her actions were the cause of his death. Being slammed into the wall was intentional--

Any man doing such would be arrested and prosecuted. And women would be bemoaning the "epidemic" of violence against women and all the ways men act it out...

Women are virtually immune from criminal responsibility for killing a man.
Its incredible.

5. Just from the ALLEGATIONS mentioned-- he must not have been too drunk, because they were arguing... or so SHE SAID...

and she hit a handle that forcefully folded the bed up-- into the wall
and SHE SAID... she returned 3 hours later and he was dead... hmmm... SHE SAID

'course, he isn't giving his version...
SHE is the source for most of these "facts"-- hence they are probably self-serving and suspect.

6. The state did not even get involved in his death... the police "refuse comment", becasue they have done no investigation... WOMEN TELL THE TRUTH , you know.. etc..
.. a PRIVATE rescue operaton had to remove his body... apparently because it wasn't of state concern... incredible...

7. Its like its funny when women women become enraged and act so as to kill men.. and he was drunk and wouldn't get up SHE SAID ( lazy no good slob) and he's probably always drunk ( probably abusive too) and never will work and his wife should have been mad and its funny what she did and he died but its no big deal because he was a no-good drunk who lay in bed all day and ...

6:38 PM, July 10, 2008  
Blogger Cham said...


How did you get all that from an article that was 8 sentences long?

6:53 PM, July 10, 2008  
Blogger lovemelikeareptile said...

The media reports of women's violence against men all follow the same pattern... everytime.. and people's responses are the same also.

For example--
When women murder/kill/assault men ---
the media always blames the male victim in the very act of announcing the crime... As here-

" Woman kills drunk husband by...
" --
its irrelevant that he was drunk, if he indeed was... but it creates sympathy for the woman and contempt for the male victim.

" Woman kills abusive husband"..
when abuse has merely been alleged by the perpetrator...or reported by the police.. who heard it from.. the female perpetrator... or

" Woman kills cheating husband by running him over with SUV"-- killing people intentionally with a car is murder... why is it relevant that he was cheating, if he indeed was....
to create sympathy for the woman and develop contempt for the male victim..

The woman's actions are rationalized, excused and mitigated in the very act of reporting the crime... the media is reflecting and molding public perceptions.

***** You never see ---

" Man accused of raping slut"

" Husband hits frigid,nagging, overweight wife "

" Honor Student accused of raping loose woman out very late and in the wrong part of time.. in a skimpy dress and very drunk"--

Why? No excuse for domestic violence ( only when its against women) or for rape...
no way to mitigate it..
she never 'deserved it', no matter what...
but there are good reasons-- many of them-- for women killing sleeping men or cheating men..

and rape and DV are never funny... but women killing men is usually funny ( to women, especially) and women hitting men is always hilarious to women..

Its as if most women think only women have civil rights and are worthy of respect and concern.

And--- for the media.. amd women at large---Its as if women doing evil needs to be explained away... although men doing evil needs no such explanation...

People's responses also typically find humour in the violence, minimize it.. and blame the male victim..
and assume every self-serving claim made by the female perpetrator to be ABSOLUTELY true...
Almost every woman accepts the woman's account as flowing from the lips of God...
men never assume men with a reason to lie are always telling the truth.. but its hard to find many women who do not accept every word from the mouth of a woman who killed her husband...

7:34 PM, July 10, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anybody get the brand name of that couch? I wanna make sure I don't accidently buy one.

9:12 PM, July 10, 2008  
Blogger Cham said...

Yes, I would like to know more about this sofa. Did it have some sort of motor in it?

9:49 PM, July 10, 2008  
Blogger Trust said...

As Helen said, reverse the genders and things would be different. Even if it were 100% and accident and everyone acknowledged it, he would still be jailed much longer than Mary Winkler was.

1:48 AM, July 11, 2008  
Blogger Robert the Biker said...

We had a slightly longer piece about this over here, the couch is one of those that folds up into the wall when not in use (they lived in quite a small apartment where the bedroom is also the living room). The man apparently got caught up in the folding mechanism and suffered a broken neck; it wasnt designed to fold with someone in it after all.
The woman may have been foolish in the extreme, but I dont think there was intent here; despite what you may see on TV the Russian police are quite good at their job when the case is non-political and I have no doubt they investigated this thoroughly.
They are not very PC over there.

2:46 AM, July 11, 2008  
Blogger Robert the Biker said...

My point being that it is not necessary to attribute to malice what is adequately explained by stupidity

6:15 AM, July 11, 2008  
Blogger ErikZ said...

Yeah, this was an accident.

You people read waaaaay too much into things sometimes.

Who ever heard of "Death by hideaway bed" before? Of course you'd be careless about it.

9:42 AM, July 11, 2008  
Blogger lovemelikeareptile said...

It was not "an accident"--
she intentionally triggering the bed to fold into the wall with her husband in it and he suffered a broken neck and , apparently, died instantly.
She caused his death.
Even by her own account.
And ---- she is probably far more culpable in his death : One person noted that her story was suspect because these beds (" Murphy Beds" )typically will not close into the wall if the bed has not been made up !...
Thus, our angry wife most likely energetically assisted the upward flight of the bed into the wall and it was that assist that caused his death.
I know its hard to believe that a woman with a dead man in her house would lie about how he died....geesh.

The state was so indifferent to his killing , that the police have nothing to say
and his body has to be extracted by a PRIVATE Rescue Service, obviously because the state sees no reason to get involved.

Now if a wife is killed by the actions of her husband...

Did the police ever investigate the credibility of her claim that the bed could be folded up into the wall-- without her vigorous assistance? Could triggering the mechanism alone generate sufficient force-- or was she shoving the bed into the wall with him in it also.
Why not pose the question ?
Oh yeah-- who cares...

2. And she came back three hours later... wondering how he was sleeping so soundly.... vertically ?

12:52 AM, July 12, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if it was a standard murphy bed design, it doesn't have the power necessary to slam itself closed with someone laying in it.
There is just enough spring tension in the device so the bed won't fall down by itself when the doors are opened, and won't spring up by itself when occupied or brought down into the "user position" as it were. You have to do it yourself.

Murphy Bed, as in the original, has a web site, as the beds are still made.

For the mechanism to close completely with someone in it, I would think some persuasion (perhaps quite a bit) was necessary in the form of manpower. I'd also have to assume the victim was sound asleep.

As have many, I have seen murphy bed slap stick scenes in movies and on TV over the years. Never seen a broken neck over it. Must have been laying prone, head first at the head board. If one considers the design, and the amount of leverage that is there if ones neck is trapped at the bottom, a person trying to slam the thing shut could surely break a person's neck.

Perhaps there actually was malice aforethought.

8:11 AM, July 12, 2008  
Blogger Cham said...

Funny you should mention Murphy Beds. My close friend has a booming Murphy Bed business. I helped with the design, engineering and production. She lives in Manhattan and has them manufactured close by, delivers and sets them up. With the high price of housing many people are going the Murphy Bed route to save space. There are two ways to go with a Murphy Bed to get them to close: Counter Balance and pistons.

With Counter Balance, as in her design, she's installed a small shelf under the bed where the owner can use just about anything, books, sand, water, whatever is at hand, to make it easy to get the bed to close up. You can put as much weight or as little, depending on the weight of the mattress and how much upper body strength you have.

With pistons, the counter balance isn't necessary. But pistons are incredibly expensive, as we found out during the design process. The more expensive Murphy Beds will have them.

I suppose if that you have overloaded your counterbalance weight, you could get a light weighted person to close up in a Murphy Bed.

11:51 AM, July 12, 2008  
Blogger lovemelikeareptile said...

Isn't this a much more plausible account--
the wife became angry
and forcibly shoved the bed into the wall with him asleep in it, killing him.

Any detective would immediately suspect the woman was lying -- one need only make a call to the manufacturer or be acquainted with this type of bed to know her claim was specious.

If a man did such a thing, there would be no laughter and dehumanizing /blaming his dead wife and a legitimate inquiry would ensue about the circumstances of her death.

Women do not value men's lives-- or at least not nearly as much as a woman's.
Its not a debatable point-- women are shameless about it , because they don't think its shameful.

Christine Brinkley ?-- and who is so naive as to believe the media circus she created to get the best deal for her?
Why every woman in the United States !
A nicely choreographed legal strategy-- with her boo-hooing on the stand etc... that works everytime to inflame women , as it did Cham here ( he was spending "her" money , no less !).

Christine got a great deal-- lawyers understand the tactics available when you have a female client and they used them to perfection.

12:00 PM, July 13, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:35 PM, April 06, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:38 AM, April 15, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:09 AM, June 08, 2009  
Blogger Serket said...

This is a sad story. I hope it was only a tragic accident and not a crime. It does seem like if she noticed how the bed fell on him that she would immediately check to make sure he was okay.

P.S. More Chinese spam.

12:22 AM, August 05, 2009  

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