Monday, April 28, 2008

Let's Hear it for Economics Professors!

Can professors turn bleeding hearts into capitalists and vice versa? It appears that they can according to an interesting article that I read in Forbes today entitled, "We Are What We Learn." Take a look and read the comments as well.


Blogger David Damore said...

Thanks Dr. Helen.
Would not have found this interesting article any other way. There were some interesting comments that you suggested folks read as well.

6:05 PM, April 28, 2008  
Blogger Helen said...

Hi David,

Glad you found the article interesting. We subscribe to Forbes and I was glad to find it online to share. It's no wonder those in the humanities are so liberal, given the indoctrination they are subjected to. I got the feeling that the author of the article thought that economics teachers should be teaching more like those in humanities--I could be wrong, of course. I thought the opposite. Too bad everyone doesn't get exposed to economics professors if indeed, they teach more about efficiency.

I liked the point a commenter made about the Finnish system. The article makes it sound like the same "socialist" system would work in the US, but the commenter pointed out that people in Finland have a very strong work ethic and that there are few minorities and it seems like one big extended family. I don't see what is equal about expecting some people to work and then redistributing that income to those who don't or taking someone's intellectual property and ideas that produce income and giving that income to someone else. Sounds like inequality to me.

6:21 PM, April 28, 2008  
Blogger LZ said...

Honestly, I don't think many people who feel transactions are unfair have ever thought about the consequences of the action. One needs to take a step back and rationally consider how each behavior affects both parties, and then decide which is the best result overall. If there was a giant weighing machine, the ignorance of the socialists would far outweight the uncaring of the capitalists. And the reason is because so many socialists were never exposed to a genuine capitalist argument in their 19 years (lawyers) of schooling.

8:08 AM, April 29, 2008  
Blogger Serket said...

Economics definitely moved me solidly into the right, but I was never to the left.

2:17 PM, April 29, 2008  
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