Friday, November 02, 2007

Podcast: The Daring Book for Girls

daringbookcov.jpgToday we interview the authors of The Daring Book for Girls about how girls can put a little adventure into their lives. The book teaches girls how to change a tire, run a lemonade stand, negotiate a salary and lots more. The authors discuss if kids are active enough today, women spies, advice on boys and whether or not Hillary Clinton is a "daring girl."

You can listen directly (no downloading needed) by going here and clicking on the gray Flash player. You can download the file and listen at your leisure by clicking right here. And you can get a lo-fi version, suitable for dialup, cellphones, etc. by going here and selecting lo-fi. A free iTunes subscription is available here, and you can visit our show archives at

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cutesy cutesy cutesy fluff. I live in the real world with important issues that need to be addressed. I'm so glad that your world is so la-ti-da that you have the time for this kind of idiotic cutesiness.

12:40 PM, November 02, 2007  
Blogger Peregrine John said...

Bah. Negativity never got you anywhere. This is going to be a lovely counterpart to the Dangerous Book, and my girl has been very much looking forward to it!

2:23 PM, November 02, 2007  
Blogger Helen said...

Peregrine John,

It's really fun and the authors were just wonderful. I told them in the podcast that I was going to use the book like a car manual to pull out of my trunk when I have to change a tire!


There is no need to dismiss what women do as "cutsey." The issues addressed in the book are important issues, like getting some exercise, learning mechanical skills, and treating boys like human beings. How is that cutsey? It's good stuff.

3:16 PM, November 02, 2007  
Blogger SFN said...


You know, if you have time to comment on other folks blogs, picking on how other people spend their time is silly.

OK, off to listen to the podcast...

5:20 PM, November 02, 2007  
Blogger Don Surber said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:38 PM, November 02, 2007  
Blogger Don Surber said...

Deleted above to fix typos:

Glenn's question on whether Hillary is a daring girl was a showstopper.

Your question on whether Hillary is a role model -- well, I could hear their faces blanche.

But they sound like fun people with good advice.

11:41 PM, November 02, 2007  
Blogger Helen said...


"Your question on whether Hillary is a role model -- well, I could hear their faces blanche."

So could I.

5:32 AM, November 03, 2007  
Blogger Unknown said...

This whole book is a very thinly disguised "pity party" for why girls can't overcome feminist victim-mentality.

According to the authors (cuties no doubt), girls experience:
* a culture of anxiety
* a tyranny of worry
* too much pressure about going to college
* having to become "little women" at too young an age
* i.e. - "being eight years old is the new seventeen..." for girls

They lament - "Boys don't have to waste their brainspace thinking about fashion!"

Duh? (Get a clue, stripper-wanna-be-girl.)

This entire interview is a comical illustration of the illogic that feminism has imposed upon women.

Dr. Helen redeemed herself several times with tough questions about Hillary's image as a role model, and most critically by stating that "both women and men can be aggressive and corrupt."

Dr. Helen comes across much better in spoken language than in her writings... mostly because she has that insoucient smokey almost-southern sexy dialect and she's really funny and spontaneous in an actual conversation!

I'm anticipating a red pajamas serial sometime soon.

Helen, consider it. Seriously.

You could blowup in a heartbeat.

11:49 AM, November 03, 2007  
Blogger lovemelikeareptile said...

Wow-- if this book teaches girls how to treat boys like human beings-- what a radical transformationm it will cause in our society !

But the problem isn't little girls or even adolescent girls-- its this and the last generation of women.

I offer a Modest Proposal.

Adult women should be bannned fron the family . Girls grow up much healthier and rational and moral without the poisonous presence of adult women and their reflexive anti-male bigotry.
At first , men will have to master the tasks of raising chillen. But we can mold girls to become humnan beings who understand the Gospels, The Golden Rule, treating others--even men-- with respect, compassion and empathy etc, that adult women have no conception of ( bad grammar).

Yes-- if men raise girls without women they will turn out much better. Banning women from the family should be a major policy issue for the upcoming presidential election.


As soon as the last two generations of women die off ( maybe something can be worked out about that, too)-- women can be re-introduced to the family on a trial basis.

Any indications of --

1) enjoying murdering sleeping men

2) enjoying , joking about, and encouraging mutilation of sleeping men's sex organs

3) enjoying humilating, degrading, using, exploiting, using men as security and success objects and advvocating income transfers from men to women

$) lying about the frequency of false allegations of rape ( 41%, Kinan, Purdue University -- Archives of Sexual Behavior vol 23 No 1 1994)

6) lying about the frequency of female- on -male DV and the May 2007 study from the CDC that 70% of non- reciprocal violence ( 50 % of all DV) is committed by women against men. See Martin Fiebert, Cal State Univ, 200 studies showing women are as likely as men to initate violence)

7 )fabrications about the prevalence of "dead beat dads" ( only 5 % of men in arrears earn more than 40,000 a year)

&) Embracing the "Rape Shield Law" but denouncing my proposed ---" Character Shield Law" ---for male victims of maiming/ murdering women-- which bars baseless smears and allegations of DV and chacter assasination utilized by these female perps and their "amen corner" ( 90 % of adult women ).

7) refusal to fire the mountain of airhead fenmale attorneys employed by the media who supported the prosectuion of the Duke boys till the very end.

8) supporting the routine accusation of molestation against men seeking to have a significant role in their children's life after separating from their mother.

9) believing the present divorce industry is completely fair, which also is indicative of psychosis or Phineas Gage -like neurological damage

10) applying Title IX to science, math , engineering etc in universities-- which is now being advanced in Congress

11) enjoying violence against men, eg, testicle kicking, penis mutiliations , murder, driving over with SUVs, pouring boiling oil or water on, etc

12) denying that 90 % of cases of mutiliation of men's sex organs by women share at least 4 factors-- 1) he is asleep or restrained 2) she is angry because of assumed or actual infidelity 3) it is pre-mediated, as L Bobbitt said a year before her crime, it would be worse than killing him 4) the severed organ and knife are always disposed of to prevent re-attachment and hide the weapon.5) women serve no time or face the rigors of community service, probation , counseling, and/or anger-management classes.

13) refusing to acknowledge the obvious fact that normal men are great ( as normal women were before the last two generations)

14) refusing to pass statutes specifically criminalizing the female proclivity to attack men' sex organs " Malicious Wounding " or "Injury to a Child " is not sufficient.. and required 20 years to life for convictions.. for crimes more serious then rape..

15) Believing that shopping is better than sex-- and other insults to men

6 ) believing that a woman needs more than 4 pairs of shoes

17 ) engaging in idle gossip with other women ( Ok-- that is going too far )

and four hundred more instances so abuse, lies etc perpetuated by adult women of the best few generations on men.

Upon completion of this trial period, adult women may be returned to the family, under the strict supervison of a family health counselor -- who must be male-- as social workers and such have been cleansed and purged of female bigots.
Any further recidivisnm into anti-male bigotry will result in returning the woman to the Re- Programming program in the Sahara where women are educated in the principles of Faith, Hope, and Love and the Gospels, recording the beatific message of the most influential man who ever lived.

SEE---- 'Raising Boys Without Men: How Maverick Women are Raising The New Generation of Exceptional Men " -- Peggy Drexler and Linden Gross ( advocating the exclusion of adult men -- read fathers -- from the family , as single women do a better job raising boys without the poisonous presence of men )

and my new book , to be published by KKK Press ( Pulaski and Knoxville, TN)--

" Raising Black Children Without their Parents -- How White People are Raising Better Blacks For the Future "

Back to EBAY -- and Vivien Leigh photos ... and then tune in as the hapless Rebels get shelled again this Saturday.



look for my new book---
" Railroaded : An Inside Account of the Perversion of the Involuntary Commitment Process "

12:13 PM, November 03, 2007  
Blogger Unknown said...

Wow! E-1986 said --- WTF?

Proving that medications do indeed have to be adjusted, if only because a rational post might be forthcoming.

Dr. Helen, this admirer of yours is surely a potential client, and clearly worth much bank, should you decide to counsel him....

Well, my theory is that it's your red pajamas that entice all this personality-disordered crowd.

You know what the ethical codes of your profession require, right?

Intellectually speaking?

9:02 PM, November 03, 2007  
Blogger lovemelikeareptile said...

you couldn't park a bicycle straight- and obviously didn't find your way to the various departments on campus or read anything beyond the adventures of Archie, Jughead, Moose, and Veronica etc...

A "Modest Proposal"-- means that extreme satire is to follow... see Jonathan Swift and his 1729 essay and the use of intentionally grotesque logic for various purposes.

1. to point out that , indeed, the last two generations of women have imbibed the misandry of feminism . Absorbing and reflecting an ideology of hate, many women do need - at minimum-- a fresh look at the moral principles of The Gospels and a rigorous schooling in argumentation and empiricism .

2.while the argument has a important substantive point, it employs a trip through the absurd ( see " Absurdism"-- Kierkegaard and Camus-- and even "Green Acres", believe it or not...) to demonstrate-

a) feminism and feminist influences on women are detrimental to the development of girls.. as well as boys.. and indeed poisonous to anyone,proponent or victim. No rational and moral person can be a feminist and no educated person should be guilty of it.

to present
b) facts and arguments that eviscerate feminism and to provide some policy proposals to correct the gynocentrism that now has imperiled the equitable and just operation of our criminal and civil justice systems.

You missed a central point. Men excluding adult women from the nucleur family because their daughters would turn out better without them-- is obviously absurd.
.. Yet feminists have made-- and many embrace-- that same argument in regard to men and boys-- see the book cited-- whose thesis is that boys grow up to be better people -- if they have no adult men -- read fathers--in the family.
Hence-- men per se-- qua male-- are inherently poisonious to their own children and should be excuded from the family.
Hence women have already argued the point that excluding men from the family is good for boys. .. thus by spinning my anti -woman Walden 2, I show the incredible bigotry involved in such a bizare claim.

To further illustate the repulsiveness of feminist hubris and misandry-- I pose the title of a similiar book , with a similiar argumnet--
Black children turn out better if whites take them from their families and raise them among whites only !
The racism is patent.. so is the sexism in my "Modest Proposal"-- yet some nutty feminist ( and another) have actually seriously argued in books-- that have been favorably reviewed !!!!-- that men be excluded from the family...

The repugnance and bigotry partially reflected in my post is paraded by feminists, yet they basically skate, because they are abusing an unprotected group-- men-- the only remaining group who can be viciously degraded with hardly anyone voicing dissent-- certainly not 90% of women.

It is important to finish the sixth grade before hurling defamatory ad hominems suggesting irrationality ,the presence of a personality disorder , a need for not only psychopharmacological intervention, but also for extensive, intensive psychotherapy-- when you are merely too obtuse too appreciate the use satire to demonstrate absurdity by embodying it and yet advancing an argument in a potent way .

Perhaps if you accompany Mr Peabody and Sherman in the Way Back Machine, you can return to those halycion days of your matriculation at some institute of higher learning-- and this time actually take a few courses out side of your major in Women's Studies-- other than "Shop", "Fashion Merchandising" and " Basic Principles of Addition and Subtraction--- with an Introduction to Division".

There is an old adage in boxing-- "never hook with a hooker."

2:18 PM, November 04, 2007  
Blogger Dragon Hawk said...

Not M(dot) for the record.

I like the idea that there is a book like this for both boys and girls. Maybe when the boys and girls that are exposed to these books grow up, they will be able to go on adventures together.

Oh, and M(dot)? You really need to get over the red pajamas. They aren't really provocative enough to illicit such a reaction. Speaking of needing meds adjusted...

The Real M

12:30 AM, November 05, 2007  
Blogger Peregrine John said...

Geez, how do these things get hijacked so easily with such irrelevant nonsense? I'd apologize on behalf of the sane and reasonable, but (a) I don't do that, and (b) our longsuffering hostess is already fully aware of the unbalanced nature of some.

10:22 AM, November 05, 2007  
Blogger lovemelikeareptile said...

Its amazing that irony, satire, and sardonic humour as methods of highlighting issues are lost on dullards , who find such efforts to be "irrelevant nonsense", both words being hijacked to mean " I don't understand".
Then "sanity" and "rationality" are also denuded of any objective content to, alas, mean "Duh, Whats that-- I don't understand" ?

Then our supercilious poster offers his apologies-- on behalf of relevance,sanity and reasonableness-- as if he is the arbiter and measure of such things. Then he retracts the apology that he doesn't "do", showing he is as confused as he is arrogant.

Lets see-- irrelevant,nonsense, not sane/unbalanced, irrational-- nice epithets. Care to defend them ?

Its not nice to smear people with such conclusory epithets.
Care to defend them?

I expect you wil find a face-saving way to run-- or like 'M." not attempt to respond at all... being "above that sort of thing " and all.

But you seem to be right-- its not a good match-- it might better a stranger be

3:57 PM, November 05, 2007  
Blogger Derve Swanson said...

If you have to read a book to change a tire, or learn how to play and be physically active, you're already behind.

Put the kids out and let them play. If they don't know how, let them make a friend or two their own age. It doesn't take books, podcasts, and adult advice for kids to do things. Not if the adults in their lives haven't already copped on and pay for almost everything that needs to be done.

Really helen? You got this far and never learned to change a tire? How long have you been driving? Why not teach the kid -- like most fathers do -- how to do that and change her own oil too while she is learning to drive. Pop the hood and show her the basics of the machine you're entrusting her with. Then it seems more like a machine that needs maintenance, and not a toy.

Then, she is free to pay and visit Jiffy Lube and call AA. Nothing wrong with that. But at least she'll have the basic knowledge if she should have to rely on herself. Plus, the more she knows the less likely she'll be taken at the cash register.

You don't need special books for females, like they are dumb or this stuff is unnatural to them. Start by setting a good example in reading and maintaining your own car according to the manual. Then you're more likely to take care of it and keep it with you, not trade in every few years for a better "toy".

Fishing, hunting, sports, outdoor property tasks... let the kids help the adults in their lives. That, and not some book that will be quickly set aside for the next book (and the next and the next), is what makes kids active and healthy.

Adults need to change themselves, and leave the kids to follow. If somehow you've missed these non-gender-specific skills, by all means improve yourself, but leave the kids alone to play and develop their skills naturally. You can't "teach" survival instincts to them from a book. It takes good adults who know what they're doing too. Even those who aren't too busy out chasing the boo-koo bucks that they have no time for self sufficiency, thinking they'll just pay for that.

6:47 AM, November 06, 2007  
Blogger AvidReader said...

I saw this book the other day in B&N. I am so glad to read your comments on this. What are your thoughts, Dr. Helen, on the modern day fairy tale, Princess Bubble? Have you read that yet? I thought that was a great message for girls.

4:53 PM, December 09, 2007  

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